Keurig K575 Review: Is K575 The ‘Texas’ Of Coffee Makers?

Keurig K575 coffee maker is the latest feat by Keurig and it’s insane.

It literally has everything and like in Texas, everything that it has is bigger. Even the programmable ‘Hey Keurig, brew me a coffee at 6:15 AM’ feature (and it’s fairly easy to set up). On top of that – it’s bigger. In everything.

keurig k575 review
Coffee making powerhouse – The Keurig K575 Programmable coffee extravaganza.

The Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology machines are all upgrades from standard Keurig single-serve coffee makers (you’ve probably gone through our single cup coffee maker guide and know everything about Keurig 2.0 series – if not, check it out to get some insight).

But as you’ll see in this Keurig K575 review, the K575 model is an upgrade on all 2.0 series models. How?

All 2.0 have a color touchscreen (you know, for easily selecting everything from brewing temp to K-pod selection). Well, Keurig K575 has one as well, and it’s bigger than all the rest.

If you’ve been struggling with refilling those water tanks of other coffee makers – because for true coffee enthusiasts 40 oz. water tank falls a bit short – don’t worry. The Keurig K575 has double the water tank capacity – it holds 80 oz. of water. Anybody for 10+ coffees with a single filling?

Best of all, it supports all K-pods:

  • K-Cup Pods (brews 4-12 oz. standard cups of coffee)
  • K-Mug Pods (for long commutes)
  • K-Carafe Pods (the Carafe power – brews 22-30 oz. bolder cups)

This just gives you incredible versatility in the Keurig’s world. Of course, even the best single-cup coffee maker has a drawback. You’ll see in the Keurig K575 review that can use K-pods but only K-pods – high-end pods cost more but admittedly they also brew better coffee.

Overall Score: 4.8 out of 5 stars

The price of Keurig K575 is also near the high-end price range, check it out before we go into K575 review:


Review Of Keurig K575 Coffee Maker (the specs are like Texas – everything is bigger)

The Keurig K575 coffee maker, the Platinum version, is like all Keurigs makers designed to brew the perfect beverage every time. Does it?

It has all the convenience and ease of brewing a single-serve cup all at the touch of a button (which is, in this case, a color touch screen).  It gives you the option to choose from over 500 varieties from over 75 beverage brands that you love.

Now get this. You have an option to choose gives you the option to choose from over 500 varieties of coffee. Why? Because you can use pretty much any K-Pod, and there are many of them.

The K575 has a stop on the Top 5 list of best Keurig coffee makers. It’s the best overall thing that Keurig made:

Top 5 Keurig Coffee Makers

Coffee Maker:Keurig K15
keurig k15
Keurig K55
keurig k55
Keurig K250
keurig k250
Keurig K475
keurig k475
Keurig K575
keurig k575
Feature:The Smallest'Golden Standard'The Tall OneThe Best LookingThe Biggest
Stock:Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

What Kind Of Coffee Does The Big K575 Model Brew?

Pretty much all kinds. As long as they come from K-Pods.

There is no option to brew a coffee from freshly ground beans. None of Keurig’s machines can do that anyway. If you’re looking to grind some beans, check the espresso makers.

The first coffee from a new Keurig K575 is already taken care of in you include the 40-piece K-Cup pack . With the pack you can experiment a bit. How?

keurig k575 control panel
Set the brew size (8 oz. here) and brew temperature at ease.

Well, you can start by making small and weak coffee – the 4 oz. one. Next one can be the biggest and boldest brew – the 12 oz. one. That one should wake you up. If they are too weak or too strong, pick one in the middle. The control panel is fairly easy to manage, just look at it (photo on the right).

Another great feature is the brew temperature. Do you the 5 different columns on the right? Just pick one with a touch.

You can test some brew temperatures for yourself and see which one works best for you. We prepared some guidelines about brew temperature here.

Of course, you don’t have to add water if you started with a full water tank. That’s because the tank is the biggest in the industry – it holds up to 80 oz. so you don’t have to check if there’s enough water before every brew.

After you nailed down the coffee that you like best, just nail down the default setting. Of course, if you’re in for an even bolder brew, get some K-Carafe pods (the big ones). You can get them in 22, 26 and 32 oz. – those cups are pretty big.

The Automatic Timer (Brew A Coffee While You Sleep)

The high-end feature that everybody loves when you go through some Keurig K575 reviews is the automatic timer.

Here’s how the automatic timer works:

  1. Set it up before you go to sleep – ‘Make me a coffee at 6.15 AM’.
  2. Wake up the next morning at 6.15 AM.
  3. Your freshly made coffee is waiting for you.

The result? You don’t lose time and you can be out of the door 5 minutes earlier. Or, of course, can sleep 5 minutes longer. It works like magic!

If you’re concerned that the Keurig machine will be up all night and cost you electricity, don’t worry. The Keurig K575 will sleep when you do and wake up at 6.10 AM to prepare coffee for you.

The automatic timer is a high-end feature for a coffee maker. Luckily, it was Keurig who mastered the technology here and are including the auto-timer in every machine – compare different coffee makers by Keurig which have the automatic times (look keyword ‘programmable‘).

Additionally, the coffee maker also turns off to conserve energy when you’re not using it.

Here are some Keurig K575 features:

keurig k575 features

Coming next within this Keurig K575 review, I will walk you through how to use the Keurig K575 on the daily bases and we’ll cover all the pros and cons.

Testing The Keurig K575 For 2 Months – The Results

I have been using the K575 brewer for two months now having gifted my previous one to one of my close friends who really loved the brewer.

The machine comes with a Digital Rights Management system that I only later came across after trying a couple of K-Cups on it to no avail. The DRM means that you can only use the brewer on licensed K-Cups.

This basically means that before you purchase the Keurig K575, you have to make sure that the K-Cups you intend to use with it is official. The good news is that majority of the K-Cups out there are licensed with the inclusion of Starbucks, Folgers, Dunkin’Donuts amongst others.

So, only the K-Pods are allowed. That might be a bother because they are more expensive than the ‘fake’ ones but the fullness of flavor is perfect.

Pretty Quick Brewing And Easy Touch Screen

Functionality wise, the machine is just excellent. The coffee maker heats up pretty quickly and brews very fast (under 1 minute for K-Cups, under 5 minutes for the big K-Carafe pods).

The very nice LED touch screen provides a lot of options to choose from amongst them the brew strength, cup size, whether it is hot chocolate you want and the power button. I played around with different brew temperatures as well – the No. 4 temperature setting makes the best tasting coffee in my opinion.

If in case you lift the handle and close it without having put a K-Cup in there, the screen will provide the option for hot water. It’s pretty much fool-proof even if you forget the pod.

The Water Tank And K-Carafe Pods

The water tank is awesome. I easily brewed more than 5 coffees every time before I needed to do any refilling. Double the size of the tank means twice less worrying about water. Neat.

Moreover, Keurig K575 comes with a water filter that is held inside the tank to purify the water. That’s very useful if the machine is used less frequently. The stale water could still be the problem; the solution?

Drink more coffee! 

Another cool upgrade that has me on my toes is the K-carafe.

That was a piece of cake. You just slide the K-Carafe pod into the gap that the drip tray would usually go, pop in your carafe pack which is basically a larger version of the K-Cup and boom!

I have got my family’s four cups of coffee brewed up in only two minutes. The downside, however, is that the brewer lacks the heating element to keep the pot warm once the coffee is brewed. The coffee warms it up a bit but if you choose the low-temperature setting that’s usually not enough for a commute coffee.

If you want to drink it instantly, that’s actually exactly the right temperature.

On durability, I must say that having used the Keurig K575 coffee maker for two months and it does seem durable. Nothing fell away or was broken, nor did the coffee maker needed more time to make coffee (sometimes that is the case). Just perfect.

After all, the K575 is made out of materials that have made the previous Keurig models that have a record of durability, so it’s no wonder it holds up perfectly.

How To Clean The Keurig K575?

If I hate something, it’s cleaning the coffee machines. Don’t get me started on some old-school espresso makers like DeLonghi EC155. That one takes time to clean.

In my review of Keurig K575 I have to say the machine is easily cleaned. The moving parts are not flimsy at all and the coffee doesn’t stick to the materials – washes right of if you do it on the same day (I do like my coffee machines and always clean them before going to bed).

Price Of K575 Model by Keurig

As far as Keurig machines and single-cup coffee makers go, the price of K575 model is at the high end. This is practically understandable gives that this is the biggest single-cup machine and with fancy features like XL touch screen and automatic timer (exceptionally useful).

The new ones should be a bit more than $200. On the other hand, you can also get the uses for $120. You can check what the current price is here.

Overview Of Keurig K575 Coffee Maker

Generally, I would say that Keurig K575 is a great buy for first-time buyers of Keurig who like to drink coffee often. This is a big machine – if you’re the only one in your household that drinks coffee, you might want a smaller one.

If, however, more than one person drinks coffee, the Keurig K575 is a good idea. It’s big and durable so you’ll enjoy having coffee with someone for years to come.

On the other hand, the upgrade is not necessary for those who already own the previous model of the Keurig coffee maker. Just love your coffee maker and when you need an upgrade, look into K575 model again.

Pros Of Keurig K575

The Keurig K575 is arguably the best bigger single-serve coffee machine.

• Brews not only K-Cup but also K-Carafe pods (great for families).

• The biggest water tank – 80 oz. for at least 5+ espressos.

• Fully programmable (easy to use!).

• Offers you a range of options to choose from on their touchscreen LED screens including the coffee strength and temperature.

• Can make a bolder brew as well as a weaker one (and everything in between).

• Keurig K575 can also be used to make cocoa and ice tea.

The automatic timer is wonderful!

Refillable cups are supported.

• It can be programmed to turn off or on at the specified time to help you save on electricity

Cons Of Keurig K575

• Does not brew with K-Cups that are not official; those that were made before July 2014, but Keurig provides a coupon to replace the K-Cups once asked.

• Only K- Pods count. They can be up to $1 each.

• K-Carafes are only available in ten flavors.

• The machine does not accommodate some travel mugs height.

• For it to work efficiently, it needs proper cleaning and regular maintenance (all coffee makers deserve to be cleaned from time to time.

• The removable parts of the machine are not dishwasher safe.

The Big Coffee Maker Verdict

It has everything and it is bigger than everything. There is almost not a thing that you would miss if you buy the Keurig K575.

Remember that some coffee lovers are disappointed that they cannot use older K-Cups that they already own on the machine.


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