Best Espresso Machine Under 500 – In-Depth Buying Guide

Best espresso machine under 500

If you are someone who can’t do without your daily cup of Espresso, read on. We have collated a list of espresso machines for you that will help you get your daily dose of caffeine, and not burn a hole in your pocket – we mean to say espresso machines that are under $500!

While coffee makers are a must-have if you’re someone who needs their shot of caffeine before facing the day, then owning an espresso machine is a must.

You don’t have to be a barista to know how to operate it. It’s a great investment when you consider all the benefits that you derive from buying a good quality espresso machine. With it you get to make your own cup of coffee, you don’t have to worry about someone getting your order wrong or even making a stop at a coffee shop for your morning cup, make it at home, and step out feeling energized!

Owning an espresso machine has its own list of pros

  • It’s cost-effective: It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up and find your own espresso machine inviting you to start another promising day. The fact that you’d be saving on each cup of espresso doesn’t hurt either. Not only do you save yourself from buying each cup of coffee, but you also save on the transportation, required to get you there.
  • It’s comfortable and convenient: There is a certain joy in having your favorite beverage well within your reach, all the time. It’s such a task to drive out in search for an espresso each and every time. Whether you are tied up in work or just plain lazy, an espresso machine at home doesn’t fail you in cheering you up.
  • Experimentation: There are times that you may want to try something new, a good quality espresso machine lets you do just that. You could experiment with different brewing styles or try a variety of different coffee beans to find out what you like and what you don’t, all this without having to shell out a fancy price for each time you want to try something new.
  • Play host whenever you want: If you are a person who always has company by way of friends dropping in or guests visiting you, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor by investing in an espresso machine. It would help you save a lot of time and effort and you’ll have wonderful coffee to enjoy with your friends. It would also help you establish yourself as a barista to your friends.

Our Best PICKS: Choose your own best espresso machine under $500

So let’s get to it! Here are the 5 best expresso machines your budget can get you:

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There’s more to it than just a list. Each machine has its own little perks and kinks. Let’s look at each of them in detail:

Breville BES840XL the Infuser Espresso Machine

Breville BES840XL

Breville BES840XL is one of the best espresso machines under 500. The unique feature of this espresso machine is that it makes use of slow infusion to optimize the flavor, taste, and aroma of the brew.

Measurements10.2×13.5×12.2 inches
Weight17 pounds
Removable water tankYes, 61fl.oz. (1.8L)
Thermocoil heating system1600W
Portafilter54mm stainless steel
Espresso pressure gaugeYes
Wall filtersSingle and dual
Steam wand


Check Price Of Breville BES840XL on Amazon


  • Occupies less space
  • You get good quality crema at a reasonable price
  • Stylish design with the use of high grade plastic and stainless steel
  • It works perfectly well with not-so-fine coffee grinds.
  • You get to make different drinks like Americano and hot tea.


  • Small water filter needs more refills
  • The machine could be a little more sturdy
  • It takes a long time to steam the milk.

Overall, Breville BES840XL the Infuser Espresso Machine does look like a good buy. The infusion technology is promising and provides a very satisfactory experience. It caters to both – a novice as well as an experienced barista and provides them a platform to try their skills by providing different types of wall filters. It is an easy to clean machine. The “sleep mode” and “empty me” indicators are also helpful. Go for it if you like your espresso, full-bodied with great crema, it is for this reason that it features among 5 of the best espresso machines under $500.

DeLonghi EN520BK Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System Black

DeLonghi EN520BK

DeLonghi EN520BK Lattissima Plus Nespresso Capsule System is one of the most economical and lightweight of the espresso machines on this top 5 list.

Measurement12.6×6.7×10.2 inches
Weight9.8 pounds
TechnologyNespresso’s patented coffee capsule technology
Milk containerDeLonghi’s patented milk container
Special features-Patented single touch, hot milk system

-illuminated control panel buttons

Auto – off timerYes
Sliding drip trayYes
Pressure pump19-bar pressure pump

Check Price Of DeLonghi EN520BK On Amazon


  • It’s quite light when compared to other espresso machines
  • It’s a great milk and pod machine
  • You get fresh milk foam
  • Extremely easy to operate and helps you get a drink in a single touch
  • A very easy to clear the used pods


  • Water tank could be a little tricky to fill
  • Milk unit needs to be cleaned regularly
  • Only certain types of pods are compatible with this espresso machine.

The first thing that strikes you with this espresso machine is the ease with which it lets you get your drink ready. The single touch is ready that you make your espresso with a single touch, here. You are not required to clean up the mess like in other non-pod machines. It makes for a great choice amongst the 5 best espresso machines under $500, being compact, attractive and easy to use.

De’Longhi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Pro Machine

De’Longhi America EN750MB

It is said that this machine takes the cappuccino and latte experience to a completely new level, apart from being packaged very stylishly in the latest Italian design. Now let us take a look at the technical feature that makes this espresso machine one of the 5 best espresso machines under 500.

Measurements10.8×7.6×13 inches
Weight12.6 pounds
Technology– Patented De’Longhi Automatic Cappuccino Latte Crema System

– Patented Nespresso Capsule system

Special features-attractive sensor touch display

-programmed to provide 7 types of drinks

Check Price Of De’Longhi Lattissima Pro On Amazon


  • A wide range of dinks can be made by the touch of a button
  • Getting fresh milk foam is very easy
  • An easy to use machine with touchscreen
  • It is a very good looking espresso machine with premium finishing.


  • It’s slightly priced higher when compared to other pod machines
  • The entire milk carafe needs to be cleaned regularly, which could make it a little tedious at times.
  • Only some types of pods are compatible, which might restrict your choice of brewing.

Nespresso Lattissima Pro does make a sincere attempt to take your espresso experience to a different level, by giving you the choice and comfort of brewing as many as 7 drinks with the touch of a button. Combined with attractive packaging, this espresso machine seems to be a very promising one and therefore features in the list of 5 of the best espresso machines under $500.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

The makers of Nespresso Pixie, have a vision of delivering “The Positive Cup”, with the launch of this espresso machine. They aim to create a cup of coffee which is environment-friendly, a machine with a conscience. Making it one of the espresso machines that you should consider.

Measurements4.4×9.3×12.8 inches
Weight15 pounds
Water tank capacity24-ounce
Pressure pump19 bar high-pressure pump
Special features-programmable buttons for espresso and Lungo

-Backlight indicators

-water level detection

-auto power off

-used capsule container

-convenient power cord storage


Check Price Of Nespresso Pixie On Amazon


  • It is really compact and sleek, without taking up too much space.
  • You get to brew a drink in less than half a minute
  • One of the very few espresso machines to give you the added advantage of getting hot and cold milk froths for cappuccino and latte, really fast.


  • The pods are not easily available in some areas and are a little expensive.
  • Cleaning the machine is a little long drawn process
  • You can only make a single cup of espresso at a time

The Nespresso Pixie is a compact espresso machine which brews excellent cappuccinos and lattes very quickly. By giving you an advantage of time and space, this espresso machine makes it to the list of one of the 5 best espresso machines under $500.

Electric Titan – Gaggia 14101 Classic espresso machine, Brushed Stainless Steel.

Gaggia 14101 Classic

An espresso machine that combines commercial grade quality with high performance, such as Electric Titan -Gaggia, is not surprisingly, one of the candidates for the best espresso machines under 500.

Measurements25x13x12 inches
Weight17.2 pounds
Removable Water tank capacity72-ounce
Pressure pump17.5 bar pump
Special Features– Stainless steel housing for temperature stability

– brass portafilters and grouphead

– High voltage boiler

– hot water dispenser

-frothing wand

– Single- and double-shot stainless steel filter basket


Check Price Of Gaggia 14101 Classic On Amazon


  • Commercial grade quality which is ideal for heavy-duty usage over a long period of time.
  • It promises high performance
  • You get to drink coffee that tastes exceptionally good
  • You get your money’s worth


  • It could be more user-friendly
  • A little more flexibility would make this a great espresso machine.

As the name suggests, Gaggia classic is a classic espresso machine, with great looks and exceptionally good tasting coffee to boast of. With a well-kept promise of high performance, Electric Titan-Gaggia has all that it takes to be among the 5 best espresso machines under $500.

Before buying check-list (Must-read)

Espresso Machine Buying Guide Check List
Espresso Machine Buying Guide Check List

Now that you have seen the technical specifications and pros and cons of each of these espresso machines, let us quickly run through a few things that you need to keep in mind before buying an espresso machine.

A buying guide of sorts so you know what to ask the salesman rather than being taken in by their pitch:

  1. The Usage of the espresso machine – Like how often will it be used and whether it is going to be used for an individual or a number of people.
  2. The cost of the machine and whether it is within your budget.
  3. Whether the espresso machine is easy to use or not.
  4. It’s storage and maintenance when in use and not in use
  5. How the espresso machine looks, and whether it will fit in with the kitchen décor?
  6. Whether the cord of the machine is suitable for you to place it at a convenient place in the kitchen
  7. Whether the espresso has a built-in coffee grinder or not and know how complicated or easy is it, to operate it
  8. Know how and where the water inlet of the espresso machine is, whether it comes with a water tank or does it have to be directly connected to the water source. And if there is a water tank, what is its capacity.
  9. The capacity of the espresso machine regarding

-How long can the machine be used in a day, without causing it to overheat

-The quantity of water and coffee beans that it can hold

-How much time it takes for the machine to heat the water and grind the coffee beans.

  1. Whether it comes with an inbuilt or an attached frother.
  2. How easy is it to clean the espresso machine and also whether it can be easily disassembled and reassembled?
  3. The size of the espresso machine also needs to be considered, whether it is compact or too big and bulky.
  4. Whether any additional parts are required to be bought in order to make different types of espresso drinks
  5. A general research to find out if the machine has ever been recalled from the market.

With all the information gathered, if you are still wondering, which of the 5 best espresso machines under $500 would be best for you to buy, here is what we recommend:

All the five espresso machines are excellent by way of performance, that is also the reason they are among the top 5 espresso machines under $500. Each of these has a unique, special feature which could enhance your espresso experience, depending on your specific requirement.

Of course, be aware that you don’t overdo with the espresso. Some people use coffee as a means to cleanse and detox their system and go so far as drink a lot of coffee as a diuretic. This, in turn, should increase the release of toxins like THC from your system and make you more likely to pass a drug test.

If you have a very compact kitchen and one of your major considerations while buying an espresso machine is the space occupied by the machine, you could go for Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother (Amazon). It is a very compact machine which would hardly take up any space.

If you are big on Aesthetics and are really keen on an espresso machine which looks like and is built like a commercial espresso machine, you could settle for Electric Titan – Gaggia 14101 Classic espresso machine, Brushed Stainless Steel (Amazon).

If you like to experiment a lot and would be trying out different types of espresso drinks on a regular basis or you would be entertaining family and friends with varying tastes in espresso drinks, then De’Longhi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Pro Machine (Amazon) seems to be the ideal choice for you. It gives you options to brew as many as 7 types of beverages. What more, it would also be a very stylish addition to your kitchen with its wonderful Italian design.

Similarly, Breville BES840XL the infuser Espresso Machine (Amazon) could be ideal for you if you are looking for optimal flavor extraction from your espresso machine.

We can conclude by stating that each of the 5 machines that we have reviewed for you could give you an excellent espresso experience in their own way. All the information provided above should help you select the best espresso machine for you under 500.