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Pick Your Own Best Keurig Machine

The alarm hollers waking you from your stupor and you walk with a zombie-like gait to the kitchen.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee kicks your olfactory senses into gear. As you bring the simmering hot cup to your lips, the aroma wafting in the air, you are ready to wrap your brains around the day that’s about to unfold.

That first sip of automated java every morning has a life-changing ability. And when you get it preprogrammed without having to lift a finger, life is bliss. God bless Keurig!

When espresso machines became compact and affordable, we thought that this was the best thing that would happen to the world of coffee. The technology had clearly outdone itself. This couldn’t be bettered.

And then Keurig came along with its single-serving coffee machines and the inimitable K- Cup pods and raised the bar so high, that the next time someone tries to better it, they’d be accused of sorcery.

If you have resisted the temptation to dive headlong into the world of Keurig and the abundantly flavorful K-cups then you have little idea of what you are missing on. Keurig machines deserve a place in every kitchen in the world. They are to be cherished and never lent out (you won’t get it back for sure).

And if you are reading this because you have decided to replace your obsolete drip-brew coffee maker with a Keurig, then be prepared to navigate through three product lines, multiple models and a mind-boggling range of tech, that will make your head spin.

Nobody said buying a Keurig machine was as simple as making coffee in one.

That’s where we step in though. We will quickly run you through the whole K-cup pod craze and also help you understand a few factors to weigh in before selecting your own best Keurig coffee makers.

Why all the fuss all about Best Keurig Coffee Makers?

best keurig machines

20 million American households start their day with a Keurig machine. Those numbers are from a year ago and may well have risen significantly over the past one year.

To someone who’s not tasted the Keurig cup of coffee yet, it may seem a tad strange that such a huge number of people are swooning over a coffee machine that can only serve one cup of coffee at a time.

But the fact is, that the best Keurig machines, like the best espresso machines, are not about volume. They are about precision-based, consistent-tasting, abundantly flavorful coffee extracted in less than a minute on autopilot.

That’s what separates a Keurig from even the most automated coffee machine that will still demand some basic tinkering from you.

A Keurig machine is about convenience. It is about getting your coffee fast. Think about when you are strapped for time and rushing to meet a deadline. Pop a K-cup, press a button and the Keurig machine will brew the most delicious tasting coffee you have ever tasted. It grabs and go beverages at its best.

A Keurig machine is about taste. Whoever said that coffee always had to taste at the two extremes? Too bitter or watered moonshine or something in between? K-Cup Pods come in an assortment of delicious flavors that would put Starbucks to shame. You can take your pick. From Hawaiian Blend to Sumatran Reserve to Dark magic decaf, the sky’s the limit. You can taste new flavors every day for a month and still have more to try. And that’s not all. You can also brew tea, hot cocoa, chai, mocha, espresso, and iced beverages depending on the model you pick.

A Keurig separates the casual coffee lover from the witchdoctor: If you hate coffee savants who get all preachy while talking about espressos, discussing everything from the right way to tamp, the pinpoint precise temperature to brew and the pressure to force the water through the grounds, then you will love the Keurig machine. It is for the person who loves the coffee, the old-fashioned way. Ready to drink and consistent taste every day.

A Keurig machine will have your coffee ready for you every morning: You can pop in your preferred K-Cup pod at night and set the timing on the Keurig machine and have the coffee ready for you by the time you are up.

K-Cups are sealed and fresh: Ever left coffee grounds in the filter basket the night before to get your decaf on autopilot first thing in the morning? That’s watered down moonshine for you. The coffee tastes stale. Certainly doesn’t imbibe the dopamine that one is looking for. K-Cups, on the other hand, are airtightly sealed retaining the freshness of the coffee until the machine punctures it and forces hot water through it at the right temperature.

A Keurig machine is perfect for the single cup coffee drinker: The fact is that there are very few single cup coffee machines that offer the array of features that a Keurig machine offers. You do not have to pay hundreds of dollars and buy a machine with features that you hardly use. Pay for what you need and get what you use.

Despite the K-Cup getting most of the press, Keurig also has two other product lines with an enviable range of quality coffee makers. Here’s a brief guide into the three different product lines from the company.

The Keurig Coffee Makers Product Ranges

  1. The K-Cup Range: Released in 2004, the K-Cup range has taken the world of home coffee making by storm. It combines the convenience of one-touch coffee brewing with the most elaborate selection of beverage flavors and accessories. All users need to do is load a K-Cup pod and press a button. Viola! The K-Cup pods only use the most flavorful wood roasted coffee beans. So toss aside any concerns about lost flavor.

Key Features: One-touch operation, programmable settings, auto power on and shut off, output size of 4 to 10 ounces, water reservoir, aesthetic design, great pricing.

  1. The Vue system: The Vue is the second generation of single-serving coffee machines that was launched in 2012. It offers a lot more customization options for the users including adjustable temperature, options to choose from regular to strong drinks and the drink size. These systems are also available for use in a broad range of settings including homes, offices and commercial locations.

Key Features: Programmable, recyclable cup, drink sizes of up to 18 ounces, more water storage than the K-Cup range (up to 80 ounces in the reservoir), removable drip tray and the ability to connect directly to plumbing in the commercial units.

  1. The Rivo System: With the launch of the Rivo product line in 2012, Keurig addressed the need for an espresso machine that similar in functioning to its earlier units. The Rivo range gives users great tasting espressos in less than a minute. In addition to this, it can also churn a very creamy latte and cappuccino in record time. Espresso sizes are 1.4 and 2.8 ounces.

Key Features: Superfast espressos inconsistent taste, a range of flavored syrups, latte, and cappuccino, ability to use fresh milk instead of milk pods.

That sums up the basics. Without further ado, let’s see the top 5 best Keurig coffee makers in the market currently.

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Can’t pick one? Read below our recommendations for each best Keurig machine listed above. We will quickly walk you through each machine!

#1 – Keurig K55 Coffee Maker, Black

Keurig K55 reviewsThe K55 is the #1 selling Keurig machine from the K-Cup range that generates mass adulation for good reasons. It is fast, it is simple and it has a very affordable price tag that makes it the most likely Keurig machine that you will find in homes, dorms, and offices.

With the options to make multiple beverages in 3 different brew sizes, this is Keurig at its simple best.

Getting to know the K55

Out of the box, the K55 looks every bit stylish and glossy black, as we would expect from a Keurig. It has a reasonably compact footprint (9.8″W x 13”H X 13.3″D) and should fit on the counter without taking too much space.

One the top of the machine, we have five different indicator lights that alert you when it’s time to add Water, descale, the machine is heating, Auto-Off, and Power.

The Auto Off and Power buttons are right next to the indicator lights. Just below this, we have three different cup or brew sizes to choose from (6, 8 and 10 ounces).

On the rear, we have a 48-ounce removable water reservoir which is sufficient for making 6 standard sized cups of your favorite drink. The reservoir can be refilled without removing it completely from the machine.

To accommodate larger sized cups and mugs, the K55 comes with a removable drip tray.

Standout Features

  • What makes the K55 one of the best Keurig machines from Keurig’s K-Cup range is its versatility. If you prefer using your own ground coffee instead of the convenient little K-Cup pod, you can choose to buy the ‘My K-Cup reusable coffee filter attachment’ and use your own favorite ground coffee beans.
  • The K55 helps you save time by preheating the machine the moment it is powered on. This gives you your coffee on demand and faster than other machines.
  • Incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is lift the lever, pop in your K-Cup, close the lever and press the button.
  • In addition to coffee, the K55 also churns out tea, hot chocolate, specialty drinks, and iced beverages.

The Final Verdict

If you haven’t jumped on to the Keurig bandwagon yet, then the K55 is the perfect way to get started. It is ridiculously inexpensive, gives you coffee in less than a minute and is extremely user-friendly.

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#2 – Keurig K15 Coffee Maker, Black

Keurig K15 review

The Keurig K15 can give you that instant cup of Joe in just a couple of minutes from the time you add the water. It is super-compact, minimalistic and fast. No bells and whistles, just a single-serving coffee maker that gives you complete value for money.

Getting to know the K15

The K15 is available in an assortment of attractive colors and you can pick one that suits your décor or kindles your liking. At the time of writing this, you could choose from a whopping 11 colors, which is a welcome change from the muted color schemes that most coffee makers have.

The K15 has a very small footprint (10.8″H x 6.9″W x 10.7″ D). You can easily keep it on a coffee table or in the teeniest corner of your counter. It will stay hidden until its coffee time. The controls or the lack of thereof may surprise you. But that’s what makes it so effective. It’s the perfect no-fuss coffee machine.

On the top side, we have the brew button and the power button. These are the only two buttons/controls on the K15. You have the option to choose from three different brew sizes (6, 8 and 10 oz.) and you just need to flip open the lid on the top panel and add the appropriate amount of water you need. There is a water level indicator on the left side of the same compartment. There are no buttons to select the brew size. The amount of water you add determines it.

Once you have added the water, you need to lift up the lid of the brew basket to allow the water to go into it. You can actually hear the water going inside. Now, pop in your K-Cup or your ground coffee (with the filter) and press the brew button. That’s it.

Stand out features

  • Attractive design
  • Perfect single serving coffee maker for offices and homes
  • No water reservoir. So you do not have to worry about dumping any extra water that’s in the machine
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable drip tray for larger sized mugs
  • One-touch operation

Final Verdict

The K-15 is clearly designed for the grab and go coffee lover. If you like your coffee fast with minimal fuss, then the Keurig K-15 is one of your best options in the market.

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#3 – Keurig K575 Coffee Maker

Keurig K575 review beveragestownIf you are looking for more features and customization, but with the convenience and speed of a Keurig, you need to check out their 2.0 series of coffee machines. The K575 is one of the most popular and feature-rich models in this range.

It lets you brew your regular sized K-Cup pods, large sized K-Mug pods, and the largest K-Carafe pods, which equals to around 4 cups of coffee.

Getting to know the K575

Considering that it is a full-fledged coffee maker as opposed to single serving machines that Keurig is so famous for, the K575 is standard coffee maker size (10.4 L x 13.6 W x 13.4 T). While it is not as compact as some of the other models from Keurig, it is not oversized or bulky either. You just need to find the right spot for it on the counter.

Aesthetically, it is one of the best designs from Keurig. Sleek looking glossy housing with a large color touchscreen that shows all of the menus and customization options. There are a lot of settings from the timer to automate the coffee making process to choosing the carafe option for more volume.

It comes with a large 80 oz. water reservoir with an in-built water filter. So, you do not have to bother with descaling anymore.

Brew sizes vary from 4oz to 12oz and up to 30oz when you use the K-Carafe pods.

You can fine-tune the temperature settings and choose from up to 5 different brew temperatures and also tailor the strength of your coffee to suit your taste.

It also dispenses 12oz of hot water which can be very useful.

One of the caveats of using the K575 is that it has a Digital Rights Management system integrated into it which allows you to use it only with Keurig licensed K-Cup pods. But look around on YouTube and you will find a few interesting workarounds. (Hint)

Standout Features

  • Full-fledged coffee maker with a bundle of features
  • Perfect for homes who need more than one cup of coffee at a time, with the convenience and taste options of Keurig K-Cups
  • Temperature customization and strength settings
  • Large 80oz water reservoir with a built-in filter
  • Varied brew sizes
  • Can be used to brew 30oz of coffee at a time with the K-Carafe pods

The Final Verdict

The K575 ventures into new turf that was previously untouched by Keurig. And it does it very effectively. If you have found the single-coffee servers from Keurig lacking the power and options of a full-sized coffee machine, this is the answer to it.

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#4 – Keurig K475 Coffee Maker, Black

Keurig K475 reviewIf you find the K575 to be a tad too expensive for your liking, then Keurig has one more option which cheaper and comes with almost all the same options that you get with the K575. The K475 is a slightly truncated version of the 2.0 K575 and the differences are only minor.

Getting to know the K475

When placed next to each other, the K475 looks exactly like a mirror replica of the 575. The only difference being the color of the housing. They even have the same dimensions.

There’s the same large-sized touch screen panel with a single button for power on/off. The menu options are also identical with the same customization choices.

The first and most significant difference in the K475 is the smaller sized water reservoir, which is only 70oz as compared to the 80oz of the 575. So, less price = less coffee.

The other difference is the brew sizes. The 475 serves up to 12oz on the K-Cup pod, 16oz on the K-mug pod and 30oz on the K-Carafe pod.

Also, the 475 does not dispense hot water like the K575. So, for that little extra, you get the added convenience of getting up to 12oz of hot water.

Standout Features

  • Multiple customization settings
  • Option to brew multiple cups of coffee at a time
  • Large LCD color touchscreen
  • Can be used with K-Cups, K-Mugs and K-Carafe pods
  • 70oz water reservoir

The Final Verdict

With only a minimal difference in price, the K575 comes across as a much better option than the K475. But if you do not need the hot water and the extra water storage, you can save some money and choose the 475 instead. It offers the same features and the convenience as the 575 for less price.

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#5 – Keurig K250 2.0 Brewing System, Black

Keurig K250 reviewThe Keurig K250 is the smallest coffee machine from Keurig’s 2.0 range which only works with Keurig licensed K-Cup pods. The K250, like its successors, is also available in multiple color options and offers all the perks of a full sized coffee maker, along with Keurig’s one-touch operation.

Getting to know the K250

The K250 retains Keurig’s signature design with the stylish housing and minimal buttons which reduces the clutter and gives it a sleek and clean appearance. A black and white color display allows you to customize the settings of the machine. The highlights are the option to customize brew strength, choose brew size and separate settings for other drinks like chai and mochas.

Brew sizes can be customized from Cup to Carafe sizes with the maximum being 30oz.

It also features a timer setting that lets you preprogram the machine to start brewing at a preset time.

The K250 has a 40oz water reservoir which is more than sufficient for up to 6 standard sized cups of coffee. The reservoir itself is easy to remove and refill and a water level indicator keeps you informed about the current water level status.

The removable drip tray makes it easier to clean and also to use largely sized coffee mugs.

Standout Features

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Customizable brew size and strength
  • Multiple brew sizes.
  • Can brew up to 6 cups of coffee at a time
  • 40oz removable water reservoir
  • Removable drip tray

The Final Verdict

You cannot go wrong with Keurig’s next-gen coffee makers. The K250 is one of the most basic ones but still offers enough features to keep the home and office users happy. If you want to get the Keurig experience without overspending for the K550 or K475, go for the K250. You won’t be disappointed one bit.

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Best Keurig Coffee Makers Review: Our Final Words

You made it! Hopefully over more than 3000 words in our guide can give you some useful information helping you make a better decision. That’s it! Now go and pick your very own best Keurig machine which will fit your lifestyle & your needs.