Where Is Cappuccino Originally From ?


Cappuccino is a coffee-based beverage made from milk foam, hot milk, and espresso and is served in a cup of 6 to 8 ounces. It is believed to be one of the original espressos symbolizing Italian and Italian-American espresso cuisines. However, have you ever thought where is cappuccino originally from?How did this beverage originate? Well, the gamut of surprise starts from the fact that this drink is over 100 years old! Yes, it is not as modern as you may think.

In Europe, coffee was prepared as per the conventional Ottoman style before Cappuccino was introduced. Water and beans were boiled and at times sugar was mixed. This can make you remind of the modern Turkish preparation, which is boiled coffee.

During the late 1700s, people in Britain and France began filtering coffee from the beans, which slowly led to the popularity of brewed and filtered coffee. The word ‘Cappuccino’ was coined during this time, although it was not describing the modern day drink.

The Most Genuine School of Thought for Cappuccino’s Origin

There are many schools of thought regarding the origin of this frothy drink but the most genuine one says that the name came from the order of Franciscan Monks led by Matteo da Bascio. It is widely believed that this term is derived from the Italian word indicating hood or cowl, especially the hood or capuccio worn by monks and thus were called Capuchin monks.

The legend dates back to 1683 when the soldiers battling for a monk named Marco d’Aviano found a store of coffee after winning against the Ottomans in the Vienna crusade. This coffee was very strong due to which it was diluted using honey and cream. This gave a brown beverage, which matched the monk’s robes. As a result, it was hailed as cappuccino.

Well, it is worth noting that this drink predates espresso, a primary ingredient. Chances are high for this event to popularize the coffee beverage across Europe and in the West.

The First Time When the Name ‘Cappuccino’ Was Coined

Where is cappuccino originally from

Cappuccino was first cracked as Kapuziner during the 1700s in the coffee houses of Vienna. It is described as coffee with sugar and cream, as per 1805 sayings. However, the description of the year 1850 adds spices to it.

Regardless of the description, the drink was brown in color, which was akin the Capuchin or hooded robes (‘Kapuzin’). A similar drink during that time was termed Franziskaner, made up of more milk but lighter brown in color, similar to that of the Franciscan monks’ robes.

The First Preparation of the Actual Cappuccino

Although Kapuziner is spoken Vienna, the real cappuccino was first introduced in Italy where the Viennese name was modified to ‘Cappuccino’. In 1901, the espresso device became very popular after which the drink was first prepared during the early 1900s. The first record dates to the 1930s.

In Italy, it was called Cappuccini in cafes and restaurants. Because the espresso devices were bulky and complicated, they were only used in special cafes and were only used by baristi. Cappuccinos were served by topping with chocolate or whipped cream and cinnamon – the Viennese style.


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