Mr Coffee Espresso Machine Review Of 2018

Mr. Coffee ECM160 Review Getting Started

This Mr. Coffee ECM160 review is for all those who are considering a super quiet espresso machine at home budget. Yes! It might surprise you, as most espressos are noisy and costly but is true. In the world of home espresso makers, this model of Mr. Coffee is among the most famous entry level brewers.

This is evident from it being a constant Amazon bestseller. Well, this is not surprising, as the brand has been refining its line of tactic for coffee brewing since over 45 years.

Coming back to Mr. Coffee ECM160 brewer, it is capable of brewing for filling up to 4 cups at a quick pace. It has proper controls for easy navigation and for making espresso from ground coffee. The model is a steam powered machine operating more pleasantly than a pump driven one. At this price tag , this espresso machine comes with a few coolest features to explore and savor.

Check Price Of Mr. Coffee 4-Cup ECM160

The Look

The first thing to strike your eyes is the unit’s pretty small build. It is compact and lightweight enough to carry around. It is made up of stainless steel, aluminum (in boiler), and plastic, which give a silvery face with black accents. This gives a stylish and modern look.

No Assembly

There is no need to assemble Mr. Coffee ECM160, as it comes ready when taken out of the box. This means there is no need to be an expert in dealing with brewers for enjoying a flavorful espresso or latte. However, you will have to start by reading the manual. Doing so almost eradicates several complaints that the existing users have regarding brewing and steam burn.

The Filter

mr. coffee ecm160 reviewThe coffee filter resides within the portafilter, which means it has a two-layered design. The inner filter (standard) is loosely added within the portafilter. Due to the clear filter markings, it is easy to find out the exact quantity of coffee grinds to add. The filter arrangement is such that you do not miss the last drop from the inserted seeds.

The device also has a retainer clip in plastic and on the portafilter’s handle. It flips up to retain the filter while removing the grounds. You should remove the portafilter only after the device has cooled as well as the accumulated pressure has gone.




This device does not come with a coffee grinder. This means you need to purchase coffee grinds or ground coffee beans at a store. However, just ensure that the grind has to be fresher for tastier experience. Even the quality of coffee and type of grinder shall affect the flavor. Thus, you need to ensure quality of the grinder as well as of the coffee beans.

As per the user manual, you need to grind the beans to get salt grains. In case the grinds are smaller, a few might go through into the pot. For filtering these grinds, a filter paper is essential. While the filter holes may appear large, it is possible to grind finely without worrying about the grinds dropping via the holes.

Water Reservoir

This is irremovable. Instead of the tank, the glass decanter shows level markings and icons for helping you in pouring the right quantity of water as per the number of shots to be pulled. This can make operation by a newbie a bit fussy, as sufficiently water should be poured for brewing every time. Any insufficiency will make you stop the unit, depressurize it, refill it, and heat the unit again. Okay, this will need practice.


This unit comes with a removable froth that moves back and forth for giving good crema. You can lighten and thicken crema as per your desire. Just as any stream driven espresso unit, this one generates only 4-6 pressure bars for brewing.

However, for fine crema quality, an espresso machine should trigger at least 8-9 bars. So, the crema from this machine is not that great or thicker. It drives sufficient crema to give 20 ounces of latte and cappuccino, for which this unit is admired.

Steam Wand and Frother

mr. coffee ecm160 review

This resides on the right side. The removable frother in plastic covers the wand as well as a tip at the wand’s end. The frother is attached close to the steel body and does not move much while heating the milk. The wand is also short due to which it is impossible to utilize a large pitcher.

For milk frothing, you simply have to turn the dial to the Steam from the positioned Brew setting. The biggest benefit is that the frother’s efficiency due to which the machine is commended for its ability to give out superb cappuccinos and lattes.


This coffee making device features a measuring scoop whose bottom should act as a tamper. Nevertheless, the totally flat bottom makes tamping a bit tough job. Thus, it is recommended investing in a new tamper measuring 49mm, which shall also help in packing the grinds more tightly into the filter for a thicker and richer taste. However, do not apply too much pressure or else the water shall flow via the grinds and result in portafilter explosion.

Technical Specifications

  • 8 x 6.5 x 10.5 inches, 5.5 pounds
  • 110v input power
  • 3-5 min pre-heating time
  • 1-4 shots brewed
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Cup warmer on top
  • On/off indicator light
  • Drip-free pouring spout
  • Removable drip tray
  • Cord storage
  • Warranty of a year

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable for homes
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet operation
  • Convenient to store
  • Easy to use and clean due to no several moving parts
  • Good quantity at good speed, up to 20 oz at once in just 3-4 minutes
  • Capable of using ground beans
  • Sturdy frother
  • No spills
  • Easy frothing with removable tip
  • Possible to brew several shots due to glass carafe


  • Not ideal measuring scoop
  • Not very thick crema
  • Much of plastic
  • Lacks control over steam pressure

Well, at the price at which the unit is available, it is fair to not have the aforementioned features.

Mr. Coffee ECM160 Review : Final Words

Mr. Coffee ECM160 is a reliable little maker for cappuccinos and lattes along with good quality espressos without breaking the bank. Crema is not thick but it is ideal for cappuccinos with the wand.

Check Price Of Mr. Coffee 4-Cup ECM160

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