Jura Z9 Review: High-End Espresso Machine (2018)

I was looking for a new coffee machine for several months. Due to the fact I like drinking coffee and my whole family drink more than 10 of them per day, I needed a high-end product.

At first, I thought that this search is going to be extremely simple because there are hundreds of products of this type on the market.

However, when I started searching, I noticed that most of them have severe issues and they are not as good as I thought they were. After some time, I found the Jura z9 and I must say that it is a bit different than other models. Still, there are a few things I must mention about it within this Jura Z9 review. Read on

Jura Z9 Review: First Impressions

Jura Z9 Review

Quickest Coffee Machine

The first thing I noticed and I believe the extremely important thing is the ‘’speed’’ of this fully automatic coffee machine. It is quicker

than any other model I used. It will grind and make coffee in a matter of seconds and all you need to do is to press a button.

In the morning, when I get ready for the job, this feature is simply said, perfect. Also, there is no annoying waiting time as some models of this type offer. Later I found out that this coffee machine is the quickest of them all. In fact, it is 2 times quicker than any other model on the market.

Aroma plus grinder

I use only automatic coffee machines, simply because they will grind and make coffee by themselves. I don’t have to do anything and I will get a perfect cup of coffee every single time. In this case, the Jura z9 is amazing. The only thing I must do is to press a button and it is done. I noticed that the grinder is quicker than the other machines offer, so I did my research.

The secret is in the Aroma plus grinder. It is sharper and more durable than any other type of this component. Later I discovered that Jura is the only company that uses Aroma plus grinder (as I haven’t seen any model has it). After all, they will last forever and they require no maintenance. At the end, I started thinking that Jura coffee machines should be my only choice in the future years.

Simple Design

Jura Z9 Impressa Review

The machine comes with a very simple design which is something I really have to mention in this Jura Z9 review. I’m not sure about you but luxury & complicated design always drive me crazy when it came to CLEANING.

Easy to clean

My previous coffee machine was complicated to clean and it required cleaning almost every day. I had to disassemble all of it and clean all components, which was a nightmare. On the other side, my Jura z9 is different. During my daily maintenance, all I need to do is simply filling the water reservoir, dumping the waste bin and all of these tasks took me around 3 minutes.

Pros / Cons & Recommendations

In general, I like most things about this coffee machine. It looks modern and it is practical. The design is the best and durable, so this is an actual high-end coffee machine. All of this means that I believe that most people who are looking for the best coffee are going to like this model and I would recommend them z9.

On the other side, I must say that the price is high, very high! So this model isn’t perfect for people who are looking for a cheap coffee machine. It is nice and awesome, but the price is simply too much for most people. In general, I believe that everyone who is looking for a cheap coffee machine below 500$ won’t choose the Jura z9.


  • Modern, simple and interesting design
  • Requires less maintenance and comes with all you need in the package
  • Using the coffee machine is very simple, one touch and it’s done
  • This model requires less time to make a coffee than any other model available on the market
  • You can now enjoy coffee with ANY kind of beans.
  • Try latte produced by Jura Z9 once and you won’t want to go to Starbucks ever again.


I have found a lot of CONs when doing others coffee machine reviews but I barely found big CONs with this machine.

  • ON switch is hidden, so I had a hard time finding it
  • It is heavy, and it requires a lot of space
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

In the end, I must say that the Jura z9 is an amazing product with minimal drawbacks. After all, there is no perfection, so some issues are perfectly understandable. In general, I like the design and the speed of this machine. Also, I like that it is capable of making any type of coffee I want and it will be delicious. I can truly say that YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR after few months using Jura Z9 on my own.

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