How To Use Espresso Machine (In 8 Easy Steps)

After purchasing your best brand, the next thing you will be interested in knowing is how to use it. Knowing how to handle an espresso machine is mandatory for the buyer. There are always instruction manuals provided by the manufacturing company giving clear instructions on how to use the espresso machine that you have just purchases.

You should always start by reading the manual to be on the safer side. Each brand or make has got different functionalities and operation systems, but the basic steps are the same. The following are the seven basic steps on how to use an espresso machine.

1. Plug in your espresso machine to a power source.

This is the first step because all espresso machines are electronic devices. They need power to keep the system operating. This is done by plugging in the power cable to a power source.

2. Fill your espresso machine with water.

There are water reservoirs that are inbuilt in the espresso machine. There is always an opening on top of the espresso machine; this is always common with big espresso machines. Others do not have water reservoirs but do have water lines that you have to connect to a water source. Water is used for cooling the machine and also making espresso. Water used in espresso machines should be fresh, cold, filtered and soft.

3. Switch your espresso machine on.

You should start by switching on the power source and then use the on an off switch or button on your machine to turn it on. Confirm that it is on and then give it time to heat up. Heating up gives time for boiling the water that is to be used in making the espresso. When you feel it is warm enough you can start the process of preparing your espresso. The time taken by an espresso machine to heat up will entirely depend on the size of your machine. Small machines take a shorter time than bigger machines.

4. Grinding your coffee beans.

How to Use An Espresso Machine - Coffee Bean Grinder

You will then take the roasted coffee beans that you bought and place them in the coffee grinder. Grind coffee beans as you fill it in your portafilter or you can use any container to collect the grounded coffee powder. Make sure your coffee beans are finely grounded by confirming its texture using your fingers, if you think that the coffee powder is smooth enough, you can proceed to the next step.

5. Leveling and filling the portafilter.

This step does not necessarily require any utensil or kitchen appliance. You can use your fingers to level the grounded coffee powder inside the portafilter by removing excess. During this stage, you will fill any available air pockets by knocking the portafilter on your hand. Make sure that the portafilter is filled to the brim and there are no air pockets.

6 .Tampering of coffee powder.

How to Use An Espresso Machine step 4

With the aid of your tamper apply some slight pressure on the coffee powder that is inside the portafilter. Then check if there is any excess coffee powder on the inner walls of the tamper. Knock it once more, but this time gently just to make the excess coffee powder to move to the center. Take the tamper once more and apply the pressure as you turn. Take your tamper Continue doing this process until all the coffee powder in your portafilter are compressed to a certain level.

7. Brewing espresso

Barista preparing coffee with machine in coffee shop
Brewing Coffee Using Espresso Machine

The next step involves returning the portafilter to its group head in the espresso machine. Then you will place a cup at the portafilter openings also known as portafilter valves.

Start the brewing process using a start button or switch on your espresso machine. Be careful to turn on the correct button of whether single or double espresso. As the espresso is being it becomes lighter so if you have a manual espresso machine, you have to press the stop button or switch, but if you own an automatic espresso machine it will automatically stop the brewing process.

8.Turning off your espresso machine.

When you have your espresso in the cup, do not forget to turn off your machine using the in and off button or switch. You can also turn off the power or plug it out from the power

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