Delonghi ECAM 22110sb Review: Are You Not A Professional Barista?

If you’re looking for a really smart piece of kit that can brew any type of coffee automatically, then the Delonghi Ecam22110sb is the machine for you.

Okay, it’s most certainly operating at the high end of the domestic market, yet for those that want a superb quality machine for a high-end kitchen should find the Delonghi all the coffee maker they’ll ever need.

If you’re considering the ECAM as an upgrade, it will provide a huge change from entry level machines and you should notice some marked differences between it and coffee makers in the $300 – $500 price range.

However, as we’ll mention in our delonghi ecam22110sb review, you may want to put your wallet away if you’re upgrading as part of a growing barista hobby!

Getting Started

One of the positive things we noticed with the Delonghi, was the ease at which the first brew was created. We managed an unboxing and first brew time of 23 minutes, which is almost the same as far less complex entry level coffee machines.

It’s obvious that Delonghi have really gone for simplicity with the ECAM, it’s extremely easy to get to grips with and doesn’t take too much of a nose through the instruction manual to figure everything out.

If we have one issue with our early use of the Delonghi, it’s the control panel. There’s nothing obviously wrong with the controls, yet we found ourselves having to refer to the instructions to understand certain functionality.

On the plus side, instructions are very well written and as you can see from the setup time of 23 minutes, it didn’t take too long for us to get up to speed.

Design & Quality

delonghi ecam22110sb reviewThe Delonghi is an interesting machine as it’s manufactured with a fair amount of plastic on the front; different from most other machines in its price range.

There’s almost a convention at the moment for machines costing $500 plus to be adorned with shiny metal and this is something we’ve discovered trickling down the ranges as machines from the likes of Mr Coffee have started to include more steel in their sub $200 bracket.

Thankfully, what Delonghi have done is use ultra-high quality plastics, metals and of course the polished steel we know and adore! Everything has a certain tactile quality to it and this effects everything from the button controls to the steam wand adjustment.

So far, so good and the Delonghi certainly looks the part for a machine that may well find its way into many a high end, bespoke kitchen design.

Daily Use

As always, we tested the Delonghi ECAM for a week, putting it against our team of staff in the office and keeping us well served for drinks.

Delonghi refer to this machine as a “compact automatic,” yet please don’t worry, there’s absolutely nothing manual about this coffee machine. It’s perfectly capable of churning out multiple drinks, all on autopilot and in double quick time.

The Delonghi has a single boiler system, which might make you baulk with such as high price tag; however, this is an automated machine and the on-board computer is able to make perfect use of the single boiler available. We timed the machine at 1 minute 13 seconds to make a latte and 58 seconds for an Americano.

If you’re worried about the single boiler issue, don’t be, it’s more than quick enough to keep up with a home or small office environment.

The coffee bean hopper is located right at the back, as is the water tank so we would advise you to place the machine where you can get good access to the top. We actually quite like the design as it really does manage to pack many features into quite a small footprint. The base is 17 x 10 inches approximately and the height is a shade under 14 – not bad at all for an automatic and does explain why Delonghi refer to this machine as a “compact”.

As you’d expect from a high-end machine, the puck is saturated perfectly during brews and the left over puck is superbly moist yet intact.

Keeping It Clean

This is one area where the Delonghi shines! The high quality plastic we mentioned earlier is extremely easy to clean without leaving water marks. During our first clean, we began to understand why Delonghi chose the materials they did.

The hopper, wand and basket are all easily broken down and it’s plain to see this is an area where Delonghi didn’t skimp on quality. All parts are solid metal and look like they’ve been designed to last for many years.

After giving the Delonghi a good clean, we felt this was a machine that’s been designed for the long haul; good to know when the purchase price is so high.

Pros & Cons


  • Design – A lovely design that Delonghi obviously spent time to master. There’s no endless sea of stainless steel here, yet the materials used have been chosen carefully and with daily use in mind.
  • Hopper – Another well designed part that worked well and was easily cleaned.
  • Simplicity – Even with the “compact” moniker, the Delonghi is a true automatic coffee machine and blasts its way through cups in no time. In our tests we discovered a machine that could easily brew multiple cups with ease and keep a busy office topped up no problem.


  • Price – Most people will be put off by the price, that’s a simple part of the economics of high end machines. Yet that exclusivity and the amazing design should find a popular following.
  • Warming Plate – One of our bugbears with modern coffee machines in general! We feel the warming plate isn’t hot enough for daily use, a real shame.
  • It’s not one for the purist – As you may have guessed by now, this is not a machine for the purist or enthusiast barista. Everything is automatic and designed for simplicity of use which will drive those who love to tinker mad!

Delonghi Ecam22110sb Review : Our Verdict

This Delonghi, has been designed for busy people who just don’t care about “discovering the right brew,” they just want a decent cup of coffee on-time, every time.

With this in mind, we avoided any comparisons with machines that let you tinker with the controls, as it’s obviously not part of the ECAM 22110sb remit. It’s a lovely machine, well-made, superbly designed and we actually like the fact it’s not a complete slave to current trends for stainless steel.

Whether you choose the Delonghi ECAM or not depends on where you are in the coffee world. If you want a simple machine that just “gets on with it,” then the Delonghi will be a trusty friend and should provide years of service. However, if you get a kick out of playing with the settings to find your perfect brew, you’ll soon get bored and want to move on.

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