Keurig K145 Review: Your Office Doesn’t Have One?

If you are looking for a coffee maker designed for the office or workplace environment, then the Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System is your best option. In this Keurig K145 review, we take a closer look at the K145 OfficePRO’s features, performance, its pros and cons, and the reasons why this coffee maker is quite popular in most offices today.

keurig k145 review
Keurig K145 OfficePRO is the perfect office coffee maker.

You can count on the Keurig line of coffee makers to give you a refreshing cup of your favorite beverage any time of day or night. The Keurig K145 OfficePRO is a fine example of Keurig’s advanced technology in the coffee maker industry.

One thing you’ll give this coffee machine is its speed, versatility, and efficiency. It can brew a fresh cup of coffee, hot cocoa, tea, or your favorite iced beverage in less than one minute at the touch of a button.

Keurig K145 is a versatile machine designed to serve people with different beverage preferences especially in an office environment. It gives you three cup size choices and comes with a removable drip tray that perfectly accommodates your bulky travel mugs.

The K145 can be used as a home coffee maker as well. As you’ll see in the Keurig K145 review, it was, however, primarily designed for office use. It’s built with strong heavy-duty materials and a decently sized reservoir capable of withstanding high demands for coffee and other beverages in a large office or home.

Keurig K145 Review Of Design And Features

A detailed Keurig K145 review would be incomplete without an assessment of its features and design. If you’ve seen most Keurig machines, then you know how similar they are to each other in terms of design. They all have the same practical yet sleek design, and the K145 is no exception.

The K145 has a large 48oz water tank on its left side. The reservoir is large enough to handle multiple cups with a single filling.

It has a simple to operate control panel at the front with all the necessary settings that you need to brew a cup that meets your personal taste and preferences. It has a sleek, functional, and beautiful design that blends perfectly with any kitchen or workplace.

keurig k145 control panel
Control panel is simple to use. Max. 3 clicks for a coffee.

Key Features of the Keurig K145

Here are some of the key features of the K145 OfficePRO Brewing System:

  • It has a compact design measuring 7x15x13.6 inches.
  • It gives you a choice of 3 cup sizes namely a 6, 8, or 10oz cup size.
  • It has a large removable reservoir with a capacity of 48oz.
  • It comes with a drain button that allows you to dispense off water inside the tank.
  • It has a 2-hour automatic shut off when not in use.
  • Comes with a removable drip tray that can accommodate a large travel mug.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • Weighs 14 pounds only when empty.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Lucikly Keurig was kind enough to include the following accessories with the K145:

  • A pack of 12 coffee sampler varieties.

How To Clean Keurig K145?

The K145 is designed to serve different types of beverages to lots of people. It ensures that everyone at the office or home can easily have their favorite hot drinks with different cup size choices too. It’s made of strong durable materials that can handle frequent use every day.

The machine is also extremely easy to clean. It comes with a drain button that allows you to drain water from the tank and the entire system quite easily. You can even clean the machine by brewing hot water without a K-Cup to clean all the remnant coffee or tea inside the machine.

Talk of a self-cleaning coffee maker!

You don’t have to soak or scrub hard to reach places with this machine.

how to clean keurig k145
K145 is easy to use and extremely easy to clean.


Easy Set Up In Office Or At Home

The Keurig K145 is very easy to set up, even if you are using the coffee maker for the first time. It comes with simple to follow instructions and a K-Cup Variety pack to get you started right away.

You’ll also like the fact that the Keurig K145 comes with an energy-saving mode. You wouldn’t want the machine to keep draining away precious energy all day when not in use. This is why Keurig incorporated an automatic shut off feature in the K145 that turns off the machine if it’s not used for two hours.

The two hours standby time is sufficient for a busy office where people want a cup of coffee every now and then and expect to find hot water in the machine all the time. If the auto shut-off feature worked too soon, the water would cool down fast but if it didn’t shut off, it would waste energy and increase your power bills.

Keurig K145 OfficePro Performance Review

The Keurig K145 is a single serve coffee maker which means it will brew one cup at a time. It gives you three cup size choices, 6, 8, and 10oz cup sizes. There’s a chunky knob on top of the machine that allows you to easily make your desired selection.

The coffee maker is built to be switched on at the beginning of the day and let to run until the end of the working day.

It automatically switches off when it’s not used for two hours. The K145 is designed for fast performance with easy to use pods. It has a great brewing technology that gives you a perfectly brewed cup at a push of a button. It gives you a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in under one minute.

Compared to other models, the K145 gives you hotter perfectly brewed beverages. Most coffee machines fall short in providing sufficiently hot drinks but not the K145.

This machine gives you hot drinks in less time and without any fuss. You can use it with 75 popular K-Cup brands and does not limit you to 2.0 pods like other machines that use the Keurig 2.0 technology.

Pros and Cons of the Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System


  • It gives you a hot cup of your favorite beverage in under 60 seconds.
  • It gives you a choice of 6, 8, and 10oz cup sizes.
  • Its auto-off feature helps to save energy when the machine is not in use.
  • It has a large removable 48-ounce water reservoir.
  • It has an excellent heavy-duty pump system that’s more durable than most coffee machines used at home or the office.
  • It has a sleek beautiful design.
  • Its removable tray can accommodate large mugs.
  • It’s a commercial grade coffee maker for busy offices and workplaces.


  • The machine is not compatible with My K-Cup.
  • If placed on a hard surface, it can be pretty loud. The noise is produced by the machine’s heavy-duty pump and could be an annoyance in an office, especially when it’s used frequently throughout the day. However, if you can place it on a soft surface, you’ll dampen the noise and run the machine without disturbance.


Overall Review of the Keurig K145

The Keurig K145 is one of the best heavy duty 3-cup coffee brewing machines from Keurig. It’s a single serve machine but can make a variety of hot beverages including coffee, hot cocoa, tea etc. It has a large water reservoir and auto-shut off feature that helps to save your energy bills.

It’s a durable machine with great performance whether in a busy office or a home with a large family of coffee lovers. Office coffee is known to be gross or never hot enough due to constant use of the machine but the K145 efficiently solves this problem.

Everyone at the office can brew their favorite beverage at the right temperature with this machine. You can count on it for consistent performance and a wide choice of flavors to choose from.

It gives you a great cup of coffee or your favorite hot beverage at the right temperature almost instantly. It’s a fast and easy to use coffee maker from Keurig, a brand of great repute. It’s easy to set up and cleaning it is a breeze. The machine has a strong heavy-duty design that can cater to all the coffee or tea needs of a large office. Unlike most coffee machines with inferior pump technology, the Keurig 145 has an industrial strength pump built to give you consistent performance over a long time.

Price is one of the key considerations when looking for the best coffee maker for your office or home. The Keurig 145 comes at an affordable price despite having all the key features of high-end single serve coffee makers. It’s a great buy at its price tag. It’s also backed by a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer. If you are looking for the best coffee maker that will serve your busy office consistently without failing, the Keurig K145 OfficePRO is a great option.    


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