Top 4 Health Benefits of Coffee

A Healthy Breakfast Beverage

Ask anyone what their mornings are made of and majority of them will mention coffee. Considered a breakfast table staple, coffee has become popular all over the world as the ultimate beverage for those who want to wake up their senses and start the day right. Take a glance around your locality and you’re bound to find close to a hundred different coffee shops and cafés lining the streets, with thirsty patrons spending hours in line just to get their daily pick-me-up.

Take a glance around your locality and you’re bound to find close to a hundred different coffee shops and cafés lining the streets, with thirsty patrons spending hours in line just to get their daily pick-me-up.

Yes, coffee is a very tasty treat, but did you know it does a lot more than just get drowsy workers ready for the busy day ahead? Coffee has been recognized by many scientists and researchers as a miracle food. Offering countless benefits, coffee could be doing you much more good than you initially thought.

Want to learn just how this breakfast beverage is improving your health? Read more to find out.

Health Benefits of Coffee – TOP 4

1 . Protects the Liver – Many people overlook the importance of the liver. Acting as the body’s filter, everything we consume has to pass through the liver in order to be properly detoxified and metabolized. This is why it is said that the liver takes significant damage from the constant and frequent consumption of alcohol.

Common alcoholic beverages contain compounds and toxins that overwork the liver’s filtration function and destroy the liver’s healthy cells. In time, this could lead to cirrhosis, a liver disease that can be fatal. For those who enjoy a beer or two every now and again, it would be wise to combat the harmful and dangerous effects of alcohol with a cup of brewed coffee.

Studies have shown that coffee possesses protective qualities that improve the integrity of liver cells and help combat the onslaught of alcohol.Coffee Protects the Liver

2. Increases Happy Hormones – Depression is a common mental disorder experienced by millions of people across the globe. Characterized by lowered mood and productivity, those who experience depression are often unable to perform their daily tasks.

This particular mental disorder is considered disabling by many specialists because the decreased motivation can cause individuals to overlook important everyday responsibilities and self-care tasks including eating, sleeping, and bathing. While many choose to resolve their depression with medication, recent studies have revealed that coffee just might help those who experience this mental disorder.

According to research, people who consume up to 4 cups of coffee in a day are less likely to undergo depression and to commit suicide. So if you’ve been feeling a little less than perky, try getting a fresh cup of coffee to give you a well-deserved mood boost.Coffee Increases Happy Hormones

3. Improves Overall Health – Day in and day out, we encounter millions of pollutants that could damage our healthy cells. These compounds are called free-radicals, and these are the nasty little dangers that destroy cells, making us look much older and feel much more tired. The ultimate solution against free-radicals is antioxidants.

Commonly found in fresh fruit, vegetables, and other organic foods, antioxidants repair damaged cells and protect them against further destruction caused by free-radicals. While antioxidants can be taken in through the many different foods we eat every day, coffee has been proven to be the best source of this free-radical fighting compound in the Western diet.

If you want to make sure that your body gets the right amount of antioxidants every day, make sure you drink at least 2 cups of coffee daily

4 . Speeds Up Metabolism – Who doesn’t want to lose a few extra pounds? Although a lot of us dream of shedding a few flabs here and there, very few of us actually pull through and find the time to visit the gym. There really is no one to blame; with so many responsibilities hounding us every day, it can be hard to find time in a busy schedule just to enjoy an hour of working out.

Taking a trip to the gym, however, isn’t the only solution for those struggling to lose weight. Studies on the consumption of caffeine have shown that people who drink coffee on a regular basis were more likely to have increased metabolism.

This means that even at rest, their bodies were much more efficient at burning calories, allowing them to store less as fat. So if you want to help your body toward better fat burning functions, make sure you squeeze a cup or two of coffee into your daily diet.

Speeds Up Metabolism


Despite that facts that coffee have a lot of health benefits , it also has some side effects as well especially when you’re drinking too much coffee regularly .

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