Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Review: Better than Starbucks?

Are you a busy bee with no time to make yourself a cup of coffee? If you are a coffee lover craving for a perfect coffee of your choice, here is an awesome deal for you. A perfect coffee makes a perfect day as we all know and Mr. Coffee Ecmp50 , a new addition in their coffee journey is worth a try.

You can be making your cuppa (Espresso, cappuccino or latte) just the way you want in no time. Mr Coffee is a renowned company that has been giving the coffee lovers a great experience. They offer a one year warranty with this product and also provide excellent service. They ensure that any issues faced by the customers are solved immediately.

This appliance uses a technology called ECMP50 meaning Equal-cost multi-path routing strategy which enables two single shots to be brewed simultaneously. Trust us when we tell you, two shots of coffee at one go is a blessing when you’re a working mom who also wakes up cranky!

The various components and the design of the coffee maker enable it to produce a perfect espresso shot, provided the milk and coffee powder is selected as per the taste of the user. When a cappuccino is needed one-third of the espresso is utilized. If you don’t mind holding the cup for a few minutes to prepare the froth, then there are lots of options to explore in the coffee world with the help of this machine.

Mr. Coffee Ecmp50 Review: Main Features

  • 40-ounce removable water reservoir
  • dual shot brew compartment
  • removable drip tray
  • frothing tube.

Each component makes the appliance unique.

  • 40 ounce removable water reservoir: The water content in the reservoir can be easily viewed and filled with water whenever required. Even though 40 ounce is very less, it makes a perfect shot of brew, provided the fresh grounded coffee bean powder is selected.
  • Dual shot brewing: Equal-cost multi-path routing strategy is used where two single shots can be made simultaneously. This is our favorite feature by far!
  • Comprises both single and double shot filter.
  • 15 bar pump system helps in maintaining the coffee concentration in the shots. This creates dark and rich espresso shots.
  • Thermal block heating system aids in the fast brewing and uniform heating.
  • Removable drip tray makes it comfortable cleaning experience for the users. Its function is to catch the coffee drips without dirtying the entire place.
  • User-friendly indicators make it easier for the users to understand the process that happens in the background. So the user knows how much time he needs to wait.
  • Frothing tube generates creamy froth to add taste to the cappuccinos and lattes, provided the right milk is selected. The froth differs with the milk used.
  • The complete structure is 11.4” * 13.7” * 13” which makes it compact for your kitchen. It’s definitely a stylish addition to your kitchen coffee ecmp50 reviews


  • Three in one: This appliance can be used to create the perfect espresso or cappuccino or latte as per your interest.
  • The water tank can be removed whenever necessary for refilling and cleaning.
  • The drip catcher can also be removed for cleaning. Gives a hygienic experience.
  • The coffee can be made instantly. So it’s a perfect design for users need instant refreshment but got no time to wait. Thermal block heating mechanism aids this feature.
  • Dual shot brewing mechanism is an added advantage at places of more demand.
  • The appliance does not get heated up externally which the brewing process is ON. Internally the 15 bar pump system prepares dark and rich espresso shots.
  • This is also a quiet machine. It exactly suits places like office, hospitals where silence is required. Also for personal use at home in case early morning coffee drinkers it’s a great deal. The rest of the family can sleep peacefully.
  • The LED light indicators are very useful to understand the internal process. Also helps you get an idea about the wait time.
  • It’s compact, so does not occupy much space in your kitchen.


  • As time goes by, the coffee gets weaker. This calls for parts to be changed and a few servicing. But fret not, we found the Mr.Coffee service providers to be friendly and approachable in assisting us with our troubles.
  • This appliance is not for a user who wants brewed coffee with instantly grounded coffee pods. The brewing powder needs to be carefully selected and preserved to make delicious coffee each time. It should neither be very fine nor very coarse.
  • Adapting to the brewing mechanism takes a little patience, but the wait is well worth it. As a first time user, though, it can be frustrating, like it was for us when we first tried the machine.
  • The manual is lengthy and confusing to follow. So user might have to work on his own preference and figure out his way to get the right shot.
  • The user hasto invest on other tools like coffee grinder machine, coffee tamper etc.
  • It’s a semi-automatic machine. The users are advised never to leave the machine unattended. The brewing process requires to be manually stopped. Since it’s a quick process it might not affect the user much. But it totally depends on your choice.
  • Cleaning process is a bit tedious. Advised to be cleaned after 40 to 80 brews depending on the water used in the water reservoir.

Mr. Coffee Ecmp50 Review: Our Verdict

If you’re still reading then there is a good chance that you are contemplating buying this machine. What we loved about this machine was that it got the job done, and considering that ours is a home with little children, there’s nothing like the morning silence with your cup of coffee made to your taste and enjoyed in the comfort of your kitchen with no interruptions.

Once you have figured out the milk and coffee powder that can be used according to your taste preference, this semi-automatic machine makes the best tasting coffee custom-made for you.

For users who don’t have time to experiment on their taste requirements, but just need a beverage as quickly as possible to start the day, they will also enjoy this appliance since it’s really quick when compared to many other coffee making machines. So it’s a good deal for both busy coffee lovers and also to those who love to experiment on the different varieties of coffee.

This machine is the perfect addition to the kitchen of any coffee lover. It can also be used in office pantries where there’s a higher volume of coffee needed, thanks to the dual brew shot preparing system, one can expect a flood of happy employees. Add to this a reasonable price, and you have the perfect combination!

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  1. My father in laws unit,He had me look at it because it was not dripping water or coffee for that mater. I attempted to clean the machine following the cleaning instructions in the owners manual,But when I attempted to this the water or coffee wouldn’t drip at all and then the machine had built up a lot of pressure. I had to be very careful because when I turned the handle to the left to remove the coffee filter or what they call the demitasse cup (the cup where you put the coffee in) there was a lot of pressure after removing the filter it worked like it was suppose w/o the filter in the machine,So I had attempted to use vinegar to clean this cup and put it back in the unit and it still was the same didn’t flow water thru it after that I attempted to boil water and vinegar and clean the cup and when reinstalled the filter or cup it was still the same issue,So I had figured out it was the cup that was the problem.The machine came with two cups and I attempted to use the other cup (where you put the coffee) and the machine worked perfect so I went to Mr coffee and ordered two double filters or cups this was after I wasted a lot of time figuring out the problem as well as the danger I was in from the pressure buildup which was so dangerous (I recommend putting a towel over the front of the unit and turn the handle slowly to the left even though you do this there is a lot of pressure so be careful and aware) I then read some more reviews and a lot of people had the same issue and also while some of them had coffee cups filling them when the unit built up so much pressure and blew the coffee and glass all over the kitchen and walls and floor. I had written to Mr Coffee on their website before I had it figured the problem out without a response so I figured I would let the people know who had the same problem. I know this worked for me to solve this frustrating issue and I sure hope nobody gets injured.


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