De’Longhi Lattissima Pro Review: Life Changing Espresso Machine

If you want to feel like you own a bistro right inside your home, then the De’Longhi Nespresso Lattissima Pro is all you need.

At a glance, the Lattissima Pro is a compact pod machine that uses a combination of Nespresso’s Coffee Capsule System and De’Longhi’s Automatic Cappuccino System to give you that rich foamy drink you love at the touch of a button. You can easily enjoy barista-quality drinks at home, just as you would in a bistro with this machine.

One thing we loved about the Lattissima Pro is its fresh milk carafe which has an automatic foaming function just like in those big bulky models you see at the Bistro. We also liked the fact that this pod machine gives you a wide range of pre-set drink options and a wealth of different combinations. We could even personalize drinks simply by varying milk, froth or coffee amounts from the digital display. Keep in mind that the machine retains the altered amounts, but you can always revert to factory settings whenever you feel like.

Design and quality

Talking of style and design, the Lattissimo Pro has a modern industrial feel that truly enhances the style of your kitchen. It has brushed aluminum and perfect chrome-plated finishes on a stainless-steel body. The expert coffee-maker engineers at De’Longhi have combined unique Italian design and the latest technology to give you the ultimate cappuccino and latte experience in this machine. It is a perfect addition to any modern kitchen.

lattissima pro reviewThe manufacturers of this pod machine put much emphasis on function as well as design. Its brushed aluminum finish complements, a metal dip-tray, and the pivoting espresso cup support give it a substantially appealing design without adding unnecessary weight.

Another nice design feature of the Lattissima Pro is its pivoting cup support. This is a chrome-plated support that easily folds out when you are making smaller drinks like ristretto or espresso, and folds down to create more room for a larger container. It is quite beautiful with the LED light giving a soft glow in the background.

However, at its price tag, we expected to see a lot more in terms of color ranges besides the traditional black and stainless steel grey. A little more creativity on its aesthetic look and feel would be great. Its cable extends just 45 cm which gave us a little trouble placing it at the best position, but we were lucky to get a fine spot close to the wall socket. It also fits well on our small worktop because of its small footprint.

Daily usage

We gave the Lattissima Pro a thorough 4-day boot-camp level test at our workplace of 5 coffee lovers before updating this Lattissima Pro review. Brewing was quite easy, almost effortless. All you had to do is load the capsule and then pull the lever. The capsules are automatically perforated allowing water to course through while the 19 bar high-pressure pump extracts all those lovely aromas and flavors.

The system’s exceptional engineering ensures there is an optimal flow of water through the ground coffee. The end result was a perfect high-quality brew made from the comforts of your home or office. It only took around 25 seconds for the espresso to heat up and another 15 seconds to heat the milk. We got our favorite espresso drink in just about a minute or less.

The expert coffee-maker engineers at De’Longhi have indeed combined unique Italian design and the latest technology to make the ultimate cappuccino and latte experience in this machine. It produces a wide variety of coffee beverages. The manufacturer claims it can use 21 coffee blends with lots more being added to the market. It has almost infinite water to bean ratios, different milk proportions, numerous foam thickness proportions, and everything you need to make an infinite variety of coffee beverages.

We tried different milk and foam proportions and everyone had his or her unique favorite cup of coffee. The problem was that we had to reset it every time we changed the settings as it retains the last used settings in the next brew. Another great thing about the Lattissima Pro is that you can have hot milk or even froth without inserting a capsule. This is useful when you just need the hot milk or froth for use in another beverage elsewhere.

delonghi lattissima pro review

One colleague who is averse to dairy products loved the fact that you can use the Lattissima Pro with or without milk. It gives pure coffee flavor when you are not using the milk frother. Otherwise, with the frother, you are guaranteed a rich, thick, and luxurious crema. The machine’s detachable milk container allows you to save unused milk in the refrigerator avoiding unnecessary waste. We found that quite helpful.

Compared with previous versions, such as the Lattissima Plus, we found out that this Pro version has a more substantial milk frother which is even easier to clean. The machine’s digital operation screen comes with more settings than previous versions and a better adjustable cup holder for making small or large drinks.

What about cleaning after use?

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Before we discuss after-use cleaning, it is worth pointing one important feature in this Lattissima Pro review. The unit comes with an auto-cleaning milk carafe. You no longer have to worry about taking the entire unit apart to clean the milk carafe like you would in other coffee machines. With a simple turn of the milk regulator knob, you get a stream of hot water cleaning the milk carafe thoroughly for 15 seconds.

We also found the extra storage for used coffee capsules quite useful in terms of cleanliness. The Lattissima Pro has an extra storage for coffee capsules in a container located behind the drip tray. This container can hold up to 16 used coffee capsules saving you from making endless trips to the trash bin to dispose of the used capsules.

Overall, cleaning and maintenance of the Lattissima Pro seemed not much different from other pod machines. You have to disassemble the milk carafe and pop it into the dishwasher after every few days. If you choose to hand-clean it, its small sections can be tricky. It divides into five parts and the carafe may require a thorough clean when washed by hand. This may seem like a chore to many, but it is what you do with every coffee machine to keep it functioning optimally.


  • Looks and design: The Lattissimo Pro has a modern industrial feel that truly enhances the style of your kitchen. It has brushed aluminum and perfect chrome-plated finishes on a stainless-steel body. It is a perfect addition to any modern kitchen.
  • Ease of use: It is fast, makes a quick espresso in about a minute. It has a better and quicker milk froth consistency than other machines of similar price. You can make more froth with the Lattissima Pro. Easy to follow instructions. It simply tells you what to do next.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: The machine is easy to clean and maintain since some components such as the milk carafe come with auto cleaning features. It is designed to ensure there are no unsightly moldy or slimy stuff sticking anywhere in the machine.


  • Design: Not much variety in terms of color and look. It maintains the traditional black and stainless steel grey.
  • Short cable: Its short cable means you are limited in finding a nice worktop away from the wall socket.
  • Cost: May seem a bit pricey, but considering the benefits and features it provides, it is well worth its price.

Lattissima Pro Review: Our Verdict

The Lattissima Pro is for you if you have many coffee drinkers in your house or while entertaining. It is fast and makes a lot more servings. One thing you can count on in this machine is consistency in giving hot beverages all the time. Brewing hot beverages consistently have always been a challenge with almost every coffee machine.

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