Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Review

Are you a coffee lover whose daily routine does not kick start until you have that cup of hot delicious coffee? Good news for all the coffee lovers! Hamilton Beach has come out with yet another brilliant coffee maker to make your coffee experience better.

With the Hamilton Beach Coffee maker, you can experience both comfort and taste. Now you can brew coffee for your entire family or just yourself with the push of a button. The 2-way coffee brewer from Hamilton Beach can make a single serve coffee or a whole pot of coffee, hassle-free.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Review

hamilton beach coffee maker

Product Specifications

Dimensions13.69 x 11.44 x 15.44 inches
Weight11.8 pounds
ManufacturerHamilton Beach

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Product Features

This coffee maker is loaded with features that make the coffee drinking experience very enjoyable. Here are some of the features every consumer will love:

Dual Convenience

The Hamilton Beach Coffee maker has two slots to make coffee. On one side is the single-serve where you can make just one cup of coffee and take it with you in a mug of your choice. On the other side, you can brew a whole carafe full of coffee. This carafe can hold up to 12 cups of coffee.

Dual Water Reservoir

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Reviews

The water reservoir is big and spacious enough to contain water for 12 cups of coffee. The reservoir has clearly visible markings that enable you to decide how much water you want according to the number of cups of coffee required.

If you want to brew just one cup of coffee, the single serve side has its own water reservoir. It can hold enough water for a single cup of coffee.

Coffee In Different Sizes Of Cups

The single serve side can be adjusted to fit in different sizes of cups. The multilevel cup rest can be adjusted to fit in a bigger or a stacked to fit in a smaller cup. When you want coffee on the go, you can get your coffee in a travel mug or even your favorite mug.

Hot Coffee All The Time

The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker comes fitted with a hot plate that can keep your coffee warm for two whole hours. No more cold coffee just because you had some work to do when your coffee maker was just brewing your coffee.

Time Your Coffee

The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is perfect for the busy bees. The brewer is equipped with a timer that can be set for the time of your choice. Fill in the coffee powder, water and place your mug/ carafe and switch it on. Your coffee will be ready as programmed. There is a control panel and display with both hour and minute buttons. You can now program your coffee up to 24 hours in advance.

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker open box

Coffee Of Your Choice

The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is very versatile and can be used by all coffee lovers. The coffee maker comes with different settings to brew strong, regular and 1-4 cup coffee.

If you like the multi-flavored soft pods sold in the market, this coffee maker can brew pods too. The brewer is equipped with a soft pod holder and a mesh basket to hold freshly ground coffee powder.

Automatic Cut Off

The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker comes with an automatic shut off facility that will switch off the coffee maker in 2 hours. The hot plate will keep your coffee warm for these 2 hours and will switch off, thus saving energy and ensuring safety.

Well Designed

This coffee maker is well designed to provide the utmost convenience for its users. The easy swivel base will enable you to access the water reservoir with ease. The reservoir can be removed and cleaned separately.


The automatic pause and serve allow you to pour out coffee and replace the carafe to be filled with more coffee.

Advantages Of This Coffee Maker (PROs)

The Hamilton Coffee Maker has a number of advantages

  • Versatile to serve the required cups of coffee
  • Brewing a single cup of coffee has never been easier with a separate water reservoir and adjustable to hold different cups.
  • Can brew both fresh ground and soft pods coffee
  • Dual water reservoir saves time while using single serve
  • Clearly visible markings on the water reservoir makes it very convenient
  • Auto cut off saves energy
  • Nonstick hot plate keeps your coffee warm for 2 hours
  • Stainless steel body ensures durability
  • The glass carafe prevents burns and is safer to touch than a stainless steel body.

Disadvantages Of This Coffee Maker (CONs)

Though superior in quality and design, this brewer has the following disadvantages

  • The swivel base design makes it difficult to fill the water in the reservoir from the top. You will have to take the coffee maker from the cabinet and only fill in the water.
  • There is no temperature control for this coffee maker. Coffee, when brewed in the right temperature, gives the perfect aroma and taste.
  • The coffee beans have to be ground fine. If it is too coarse, it tends to get stuck in the mesh filter basket.
  • The drip tray cannot be removed and cleaned easily.

Why Should You Buy Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker?

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy this coffee maker from Hamilton Beach:

  • When you are in a hurry to step out, you don’t have to worry about transferring your coffee from the pot to your cup. You can get your coffee dripped directly into your travel mug and save a lot of time and prevent messy transfers.
  • When you have friends and family for company, you can brew up to 12 cups of coffee in a single go.
  • If you are a caffeine addict who loves to down a number of cups of coffee, you can have each of those cups, hot. The hot plate will ensure you are not stuck with cold and stale coffee.
  • When you are in a hurry, you tend to forget things. When you forget to switch off your coffee maker, you don’t have to worry about any extra power consumption or a fire starting. The brewer will switch off in 2 hours, automatically.
  • Whether you want strong freshly made coffee or the flavored soft pods sold in the market, you can brew them all in the same coffee maker.
  • This is two coffee makers in one. Not only is it a good financial investment but it also saves space on your kitchen counter.
  • You can wake up to delicious coffee aroma every day. You can even time your coffee maker so that you have a fresh pot of coffee awaiting you when you get back home after a long day at work.

Quick Buyer’s Guide

When you are hunting for the perfect coffee maker, you need to decide based on the following

  • The amount of coffee you need every time (1 cup or if you have company, the number of cups required)
  • Whether you prefer freshly ground coffee or like the flavored pods available in the market
  • What kind of coffee you like – espresso, latte, cappuccino, etc.
  • What are the additional features in the coffee machine that can make your life simple (auto cut off, timer settings, hot plate, single and multiple serve coffee, etc)
  • Size of the machine and if it would fit your kitchen cabinet or counter
  • How easy is it to clean?
  • Are parts easily available and how expensive will it cost you to replace them?
  • Service and warranty period.

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Our Verdict

Our take on the coffee maker from Hamilton Beach is perfect for those who love their cup of coffee at all times. It is easy to clean, durable and easy to use. If you want different kinds of coffee at different times, this is the perfect brewer for you.

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