What is a Dry Cappuccino ?

Different Kinds Of Cappuccino

There really is no such thing as disliking coffee. With so many different blends and varieties to choose from, coffee has proven to be the most versatile beverage in our world today. From deep, dark, and bitter brews for the no-frill office worker on the go, to the creamy, smooth, and sweet latte perfect for a light conversation with family and friends, there really is no end to the many different kinds of coffee drinks you can enjoy.

Yes, there are close to a hundred coffee concoctions to try, but did you know that even just a single type or brew could have a handful of different versions? The cappuccino, for example, is a coffee beverage that comes in many forms. Aside from the typical cappuccino blend, this coffee drink can be enjoyed in two other ways, and those are the wet cappuccino and the dry cappuccino.

Wondering just what sets all of these different types of cappuccinos apart from each other? Read on to find out more.

The Standard Cappuccino

Lending a thick, milky, and foamy appeal to its bitter espresso counterpart, the cappuccino is comprised of three different layers that make it a distinct coffee beverage from the other choices on a typical cafe menu. Generally, a cappuccino is made up of three layers: the bottom-most is a dark shot of espresso, the middle is a lighter, thicker layer of steamed milk, and of course, the topmost, and probably the most enjoyed part of the entire beverage, is a soft pillow of fluffy milk froth. Combined, these three layers create the standard cappuccino. As a general rule, both the milk and coffee should be in equal parts, but there are some variations that put a twist on how this coffee drink was originally intended.

What is a Wet Cappuccino ?

When you drink a cappuccino, or any kind of coffee drink for that matter, the bitterness of the blend can make it feel as if you’re downing a very harsh, dark, and dry drink. This is why a lot of people prefer enjoying their coffee with creamer or milk. That said, the wet cappuccino is exactly that – a standard cappuccino with more milk and more froth than the normal. For a cappuccino to be called a wet cappuccino, it has to have less of the espresso shot, more of the middle layer of milk, and more of the froth. Basically, the wet cappuccino is more like a cup of milk with a bit of coffee at the bottom. This cappuccino variety is commonly enjoyed by those who want to sit back, relax, and enjoy a laugh with a few good friends.

What is a Dry Cappuccino ?

what is a dry cappuccino

What distinguishes the dry cappuccino from the standard and the wet variety is that it has much more espresso among all three. Sometimes, the dry cappuccino can have so much more espresso that the bottom most layer accounts for half of the entire drink. Of course, the milk and foam are still ever present but are commonly reduced to much smaller amounts to make room for the dark, rich coffee taste. Often, the dry cappuccino is enjoyed by people on the go, whether worker or simply a busy body.

The Super Wet and the Bone Dry

While both the wet cappuccino and the dry cappuccino might add a quaint little spin on an otherwise coffee café staple, there are those who like to push the envelope and bend the guidelines even more. That’s why the super wet cappuccino and the bone dry cappuccino are being offered in countless coffee shops across the globe.

The super wet cappuccino is a coffee beverage that has a significantly larger portion of milk and foam that the coffee becomes nothing more than a flavourful touch. And yes, if in case you didn’t realize it by now, a super wet cappuccino is the ever loved latte.

A bone dry cappuccino on the other hand is exactly what you think it is – a shot of espresso with very little (sometimes absolutely none at all) milk and a thin layer of foam at the top. Many like to think of the bone dry variant as an espresso with frills. But  however which way you want to see it, there is no denying that all of these variants are well worth the try.

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