Nespresso Inissia Review – Best Compromise For Those On A Budget

Be the home Espresso maestro with Nespresso Inissia

What’s a day that doesn’t begin with an Espresso ? The strong aroma of espresso brewed from nearly boiling water and the finest ground coffee is enough to awaken every cell of your entire being. Yes, we do agree that espresso needs to be had a couple of times during the day to maintain the mood.

Why wait to run to your nearest barista to enjoy this elixir, just purchase Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker to become the maestro espresso maker of your family. We have discovered that each day, every day you can have a perfect espresso when you use the Inissia.

If you are wondering about the cost involved to purchase a good quality espresso machine, Nespresso Inissia is what is apt for you because it is so affordable .If you are skeptical like we were till we used the Inissia about the quality and durability of the espresso maker, put all your qualms away because this espresso maker is a combination of quality, durability and affordability.

Look no further to enjoy a great tasting espresso in the comfort of your home; no more money spending at any baristas when you can make better ones at home whenever you want just with the switch of a button.

Hopefully our Nespresso Inissia review will convince you why you should own an Inissia and no other espresso maker.

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Nespresso Inissia review

What are the features we normally look for in an espresso machine and does this Inissia meet up to that standard?

  • Price
  • Usability
  • Aesthetics
  • Maintenance
  • Storage
  • Pump pressure


Yes there are several high end espresso machines in the market, which according to us seem to be a criminal waste of money when you can get the same quality at far lesser price.At this price tag , the Inissia is a star buy in our opinion. It is budget friendly and makes amazing Espresso.


nespresso inissia reviewA machine is meant to lessen your effort and the time taken to do a certain task. The Inissia does just that- it gets your espresso ready in just 25 seconds, thanks to the use of an innovative thermoblock technology by the manufacturers.

The Nespresso Inissia is a fully automatic espresso maker. The machine is so simple to use that all that you have to do to enjoy the refreshing espresso is to fill the 24 ounce water tank, insert the capsule, select the cup size – espresso or a Lungo – and you are done. There is no ON/OFF switch, just plug, select and enjoy; and we did just that – enjoyed the perfectly made espresso.

You can make up to 9 espressos without having to refill the water tank.The folding cup tray ensures that you can use even tall glasses and large cups.


You will agree with us when we say that looks do matter. This tiny little machine is just 4.7 inch wide, 9 inches high with a depth of 12.6 inches–compact and sleek to snugly fit in any small space or coffee table. The weight complements the size by ben lightweight at5 pounds and 4 ounces.

It’s made from ABS plastic whereby enhancing the aesthetic appeal but not compromising on the durability, shock absorbing properties and the weight of the machine – perfect to complement any kitchen.


When you maintain any equipment well, you will increase the efficiency and the life of the machine. Whilethe maintenance of some espresso machines can be tiresome, that is not the case with the Nespresso Inissia as pleasantly discovered by us.

We were thrilled that we didn’t have to clean up the mess normally associated with espresso making from the more conventional machines; these machines often undergo the laborious process of grinding the bean, pumping the optimum water and then adjusting the correct cup size which is often associated with spills. Thankfully the Inissia been fully automatic solves half the problems; even the folding drip tray which accommodates large cups drops down immediately to catch the drips.

Cleaning ABS plastic is so easy that you can breeze through maintenance just like that.All you need to do is to empty the water container, the drip tray and the crushed capsules and then use a damp soft clean cloth to wipe it. Isn’t it simple? And you needn’t do it every day.


Space constrain should not deter you from owning a great appliance. That is why this Nespresso is an ideal kitchen companion because it can be stored easily as the drip tray can be folded when not in use, thereby allowing you to keep a clutter free counter.

Pump Pressure

For that perfect espresso a standard pressure of 9 bars has been found to be optimal. The Nespresso Inissia has a 19 bar high pressure pump which ensures that you have the best crema and thickness that enhance the taste of any espresso.

There you see why the Inissia fits every bill so well. Let us pay attention to certain other aspects like the capsules, and if other variants of espresso are possible.

Nespresso believes in quality

indepth nespresso inissia reviewNespresso works only with Nespresso’s coffee capsules which are known to maintain the freshness of the coffee. The use of capsules warrants clean simple operations to enjoy a refreshing espresso. Are you wondering about the used up capsules?The designers have taken care of that too- all the spent capsules are ejected into an internal receptacle which holds upto 9-10 capsules at a time.

You will receive your first starter pack of 16 capsules of different flavors with your purchase.It is bit difficult though to read the flavor on the capsules because the embossing is in the color of the capsule.

Get innovative

The Inissia is not designed to make coffee, cappuccino or latte but you sure can make that ideal coffee by adding hot water directly from the machine once the cycle is over. Just add boiled milk to espresso followed by froth for the perfect cappuccino and latte, why should your machine do all the fun work?

Energy efficient

It has become paramount that all electrical equipment remain energy efficient in the fast energy depleting scenario engulfing our world today. Nespresso is well aware of its social responsibility and has designed this machine to save energyby automatically switching off after 9 minutes.It has an A class energy rating.It requires 1200 watts and has been manufactured to meet the United States electrical standards.

So the next time you are enjoying your barista style coffee you can be at peace that you are not adding to the carbon footprint significantly.


  • Build: The Inissia is sleek, compact and lightweight. It can be placed unobtrusively anywhere be it an office desk or the kitchen counter.
  • Easy maintenance: It is a delight to the eyes and to the hands which can maintain the machine easily and effortlessly.
  • Fast brewing: It heats up fast and brews the espresso even faster.
  • Variety in flavors: You can vary the flavor and program your own brew to meet your taste.
  • Durable: ABS plastic is known for its durability and impact resistance. The ergonomic handle adds to the usability.
  • Cable length: A good 2.6 feet gives you more flexibility in placing your machine wherever you desire.



  • Noisy: It is a little disheartening that such a delightful machine makes so much noise while brewing. Thankfully, it brews quickly.
  • Instruction manual: The manual that comes with the package has no written text and can be daunting to follow.
  • Expensive pods: For that exquisite espresso you have to use only Nespresso pods which are expensive and are available only in selective places.
  • Color coding: The capsules are color coded but the writing on the capsules is hard to read and the colors are very similar to each other.
  • Does not have a power indicator: The appliance has no indicator of any sort to identify if it is ON or OFF.
  • Water Level: When making large brews, the water level is fast depleted and the absence of an indicator is sorely felt at such times.

Nespresso Inissia Review : Our Verdict

It’s time to bid goodbye to your neighborhood coffee shop since Nespresso Inissia is here. Making exceptional coffee has never been more easy, mess free and super quick to fit your busy schedule day after day.

Good looks, sleek design, great utility and absolutely easy to use and maintain, this Nespresso will surely become one of your most treasured kitchen equipment’s. The only dark spot on this bright scene is the cost of the pods and how you tactfully drop the pod because wrongly aligned pods are wasted.

Our verdict on the Nespresso Inissia is that it is a prudent buy. Compact size, stylish design and lightweight features make this appliance a pleasure to handle. Yes, the capsules are costly and require a little expertise in placing them right but in the long run a little loss is well worth the long term gains which you most certainly will make by avoiding the road end Barista for that tempting espresso.

Check Price Of Nespresso Inissia On Amazon

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