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Keurig K575 ReviewKeurig K575 review beveragestown

The Keurig K575 Coffee Maker, Platinum features Keurig K575 2.0 Brewing Technology, specially designed to read the lid of K- Cup mug, K- Carafe, K-Cup to brew the perfect beverage every time. It has the convenience and ease of brewing a single- serve cup all at the touch of a button. It gives you the option to choose from over 500 varieties from over 75 beverage brands that you love.

The coffee maker includes a six count K-Cup pod variety pack, a water filter handle and two water filters. It enables you to default your favorite brew settings, Brews up to 4-30 oz at the touch of a button. It contains an auto on/off that allows to turn on and off the brewer automatically at set times. The energy saver mode to automatically turn off the brewer whenever it’s not in use; the brewer comes with hot water on demand feature and a color touch display screen.

Coming next within this Keurig K575 review , I will walk you through daily use experience , my recommedation and what I like / dislike about this machine .

Daily use

I have been using the brewer for two months now having gifted my previous one to one of my close friends who really loved the brewer. The machine comes with a Digital Rights Management system that I only later came across after trying couple of K-Cups on it to no avail. The DRM means that you can only use the brewer on licensed K-Cups.

This basically means that before you purchase the coffee maker, you have to make sure that the K-Cups you intend to use with it are official. The good news is that majority of the K-Cups out there are licensed with the inclusion of Starbucks, Folgers, Dunkin’Donuts amongst others.
indepth Keurig K575 review
Functionality wise, the machine is just excellent. The coffee maker heats up pretty quickly and brews very fast. The very nice LED touch screen provides a lot of options for me to choose from amongst them the brew strength, cup size, whether it is hot chocolate you want and the power button. If in case you lift the handle and close it without having put a K-Cup in there, the screen will provide the option for hat water. You will be required to hold onto the button until you get whatever you want. As per the functionality, then this brewer is exactly what you need.

The reservoir is voluminous and large, that means that much time is spent actually making the tea than the time spent filling the water reservoir. That means that the coffee tastes much better. Moreover Keurig K575 comes with a water filter that is held inside the tank to purify the water without any need to de-scale at any cost.

Another cool upgrade that has me on my toes is the K-carafe. It only requires me to slide my included carafe into the gap that the dip tray would usually go, pop in my carafe pack which is basically a larger version of the K-Cup and boom! I have got my family’s four cups of coffee brewed up in only two minutes. The downside however is that the brewer lacks the heating element to keep the pot warm once the coffee is brewed. However, this feature is excellent if you are brewing coffee for instant intake.

On durability, I must say that having used the coffee maker for two months, it does seem durable. It is more over very easily cleaned and not flimsy at all. It has got the materials that have made the previous Keurig models that have a record of durability.

Price wise, Keurig K575 comes at a great deal. It also comes with added sweet extras such as the extra water filter, the 48 K-Cups, the 4 K-carafes which makes the coffee maker a great buy.

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Generally, I would say that Keurig K575 is a great buy for first time buyers of Keurig, it has got all the favorable features and is an excellent product for coffee lovers. But on the other hand, the upgrade is not necessary for those who already own the previous model of the Keurig coffee maker. It would count more if they waited until their coffee makers stop working.


The Keurig K575 is a well thought and built machine. With the official K-Cups, Vue packs and the large carafe packs.

• In addition to brewing single cups of coffee Keurig K575 allows you to brew a carafe which is totally awesome for families

• It comes with larger water reservoirs that allows it spend much time brewing the coffee than the time required to fill up the water tank.

• They are fully programmable, and offer you a range of options to choose from on their touch screen LED screens including the coffee strength.

• The machines are quite easy to use, have a range of brewing options to choose from and make a rich strong coffee.

• Can be used to make tea and coffee in a variety of flavors, as well as like cocoa and iced tea

• Carafes are programmable to auto brew at a specific time.

• It can be programmed to turn off or on at specified time to help you save on electricity


• Keurig K575 does not accept K-cup reusable filters, or any other third party equivalents to brew ground coffee.

• Does not breew with K-Cups that are not official; In short those that were made before July 2014, but Keurig provides a coupon to replace the K-Cups once asked

• Larger vue packs for larger cups have not yet been converted to work the machines

• K carafes are only available in ten flavors

• The machine does not accommodate some travel mugs height

• You cannot program the machine to brew single cups of coffee at your own specified time. It can only brew carafes.

• For it to work efficiently, it needs proper cleaning and regular maintenance

• The removable parts of the machine are not dishwasher safe

• It has been UL listed for Household use only.

Keurig K575 review : Our Verdict

For a first time buyer of Keurig products K575 is a great buy. For a person already using the product, it’s not worth the upgrade. It’s basically a nice machine with great options and a few restrictions. Remember that Many users are disappointed that they cannot use older K-Cups that they already own on the machine.

Check Price Of Keurig K575 Coffee Maker On Amazon

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