Keurig K55 Review – One Of The Best Keurig Coffee Makers ! Isn’t It ?

Keurig K55 Review : First impressions

Keurig K55 reviewsIn my life time as a student, there is a process that I need to repeat a number of times. Being a coffee lover, I prepare coffee a number of times every day. This process is cumbersome and expensive. The equipments I was using at first were slow and not quality. I later discovered that Keurig has solutions that i explored and come across Keurig K55 brewing machine.

Keurig K55 comes hardy with unique and outstanding features that a student can’t resist. Making a beverage of choice is now accomplished within a minute using one touch buttons and ability to turn ON and OFF automatically. It is also possible to make a number of coffee cups at a time without having to refill it. This is a great advantage in this area as it also offers the flexibility of choosing different cup sizes.

Keurig K55 filters can be changed. Cleaning internal parts is usually done after six months. These and other features make the product ideal for a single person as well as a group of people living together or visiting.


Personal Experience

Keurig K55Reading a lot of positive Keurig K55 review and being recommended by product savvy and many people as well, I decided to venture into this product due to its superb features in the living room and also in offices. I am able to save a lot of time that I use in my studies. Apart from improving my grades, it is also possible to practice in the morning before I have my cup of coffee and sometimes chocolate. I have been able to brew my beverages any time I feel thirsty with minimum effort.

Even if there are financial implications, the value added is worth the investment. I find it quite easy to use and make it possible for me to have a drink in the morning even when I oversleep before I rush to class. It is possible to produce different number of cups depending with the number of people that I want to serve. This is enabled by different sizes of cups that are compatible with my Keurig K55 brewing machine.

Being a daily user and making different brews, I always change my filters to suit my purpose. It is important to clean the internal components once in six months. The outside part is cleaned by my wife every day. This makes the machine to be clean always. Being able to control the temperature of the brew is very important due to the different times of the day.

At times I need very cold drink and vice versa, this makes the machine ideal and every person is entitled to having one in the house. The cost of the machine is rather affordable comparing it with the changes and value it adds in the environment.


With the experience I have with this product, I recommend it to a vast group of people who need it. The first client that I do really want to mention is anybody operating a coffee shop. In various places around the regions, these are hotel owners and operators. Apart from making coffee, they also make tea and other beverages depend of the client.At times, a client may have to wait due to the amount of time needed to prepare their requests. It creates a hygiene feeling when a client can see how his beverage of choice is being made.

Students are the other group that requires this product. Usually they are subjected to tight schedules and no time to perform major daily routines like having breakfast quickly. Equipping oneself with this machine will definitely increase on the productivity due to more time spent doing academic work.

People working in offices constantly require quenching and cooling themselves. It is very easy and profitable to have Keurig machine in office places to make sure that productivity is maximized. It is encouraged that all office owners and employers install this product in their offices.

keurig k55 coffee marker review

In homes, a Keurig machine is most likely to fit. Because of the ability to make many cups of a beverage at a time and the little amount of time required to heat water, it is possible to serve families of different sizes within a short time. This again will ensure that time and cost is reduced significantly.

Street vendors who make coffee and other drinks is an ideal group of people. The fact that they serve customers who are on the move increases the need for fast services. This ensures that they decrease the amount of cost they incur and time spent to avail the beverages. Through this method, their revenue will be significantly increased.

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• Ability to make the beverage fast
• Big water reservoir
• Equipped with filters
• Screen display for interaction
• Automated
• Different brew sizes
• Easily customizable


• Not compatible with cups from other manufactures
• Limited color variation
• Initial cost is high for average people.
• Size is only ideal for stationary environments
• Cannot make all types of Beverages

Our Verdict

In the world today, time is becoming a prime factor in development. As a result, all efforts to save time and energy needed to produce are highly encouraged. To promote this pattern, modern technology has availed solutions such as Keurig K55 to address a problem on one side. Usage of this product ensures that individuals can have their coffee and other beverages within a short time.

Tidiness also is of importance. This product ensures that the environment remains tidy always through recycling of the cups and use of green energy. The modern society requires raised living style and this has created a huge market for better solutions. Acceptance of technology is a factor in the process of making and marketing products. As such, Keurig products have met most if not all current market requirements in terms of style and standards. This therefore leaves all stakeholders with a simple decision to make as they are posed with pressure to choose the best.

Keuring K55 brewing machines have the potential of solving all basic beverage consumption issues that relate to time and quality. I therefore recommend aggressive marketing and consideration of the price ranged for high end market and low end market. Keurig K55 is a superb product that is needed by everyone who likes coffee.

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