Keurig K475 Review – Fancier But Is It Also Better Model ?

Getting Started

A good cup of coffee is basically what every person expects from a good coffee maker. The features, the models and other stuff are secondary, quality coffee is the basic and the most primary requirement that a person looks for when purchasing a good coffee maker.

Only a quality maker can produce the quality coffee that is expected. Keurig K475 is a premium coffee maker that a lot of people are going crazy about. Here is the review for the product so that you can judge for yourself whether you want this machine or not.

Keurig K475 Review : First ImpressionsKeurig K475 review

1. Nearly 5 different temperature settings are available from which the perfect setting can be chosen for the perfect cup of coffee. These different settings allow people to choose the setting which is suitable for them or the occasion, which is really helpful.

2. Having a water reservoir of nearly 70 ounces which saves you the trouble of having to refill very frequently whenever you want to get an extra cup of coffee or two, this is a great time saver.

3. There are a number of brew sizes available from which the suitable one can be chosen. This gives a great variety and option of choosing any different size helps in making things a bit different.

4. Customizable settings is a great feature in this machine. You can customize any settings really easily without having to go through a lot of trouble. Right from setting when the brewer must turn on or off to using the energy saver mode, the settings can be customized to make sure that the best performance is provided by the machine.


My Personal Experience With The Keurig K475

Being the previous owner of the Keurig K15, I was really apprehensive about choosing the Keurig K475. My previous experience was not a really pleasant one which made me have some doubts about this machine. I decided to go for it and get the machine anyway. There were three colour options available to me, I chose the black one as it looked really classy.

I got the machine delivered on time from Amazon, as usual. I opened up the package and I was really satisfied with the look of my machine. It looked really classy. As the machine had arrived in the morning, I decided to test it out and have a cup of coffee.

Keurig K475 review by

I had to clear quite some space in the kitchen for me to place the machine. Even though it did not occupy a lot of place, it was quite heavy and it looked like it would take up some space. After this, I plugged in the machine and put in the K-Cup and filled the water in the reservoir so that I do not have to fill it up for the upcoming cups of coffee.

The coffee was ready in some minutes and the coffee was surprising. It was really strong and had a flavor I did not expect. The Keurig K15 had made me question my liking for coffee but the 475 did exactly the opposite. It showed me how much of a coffee lover I am and how important a good cup of coffee is to me.

My Recommendation

I would personally recommend this machine to any person who loves a good strong cup of coffee. If you are a coffee lover, I cannot stress enough for you to get this machine. It would completely make you feel satisfied that you have gotten your money’s worth. If you want a good coffee machine which can produce a great cup of coffee then look no farther, this is the perfect coffee maker for you which can deliver the value of your money to you. Otherwise, it’s recommended to read our Keurig machine buying guide

Pros Of Keurig K475

1. The reservoir is a great advantage in the machine as you do not need to add water each and every time you make a cup of tea or coffee. It has a reservoir of 70 ounces which makes it a great aid for people who love to make more than one cup of coffee at a time.

2. With the option of being able to customize the temperature settings, the machine is a standout. There are nearly 5 temperatures from which you can choose from.

3. With the different brew sizes that is available, you can choose the best one which suits your need. Also you can customize everything with the touch of a button. It also has an energy saver mode which saves up a lot of energy when switched on.

Cons Of Keurig K475

1. It is a bit more expensive than what you would pay for a normal coffee maker. The price is a bit higher for a normal coffee maker that you would want to purchase for your home.

2. There are numerous reports about the machine burning or blasting spontaneously. Due to some reasons, the machine catches fire or burns which seems to be a problem that quite a few people have reported about. Unfortunately , I didn’t get this problem . My K475 is still working pretty well .

3. After using for some time, the speed of brewing starts to become really slow. It takes a long while for brewing after some weeks of using the machine. You have to wait a fair amount of time before expecting a cup of coffee.

Our Verdict

The Keurig K475 is a more than decent coffee maker which provides a great value for its money. It provides a good and strong cup of coffee and has some great additional features which can come in handy a lot of times like the temperature settings or the reservoir option. It is probably one of the best coffee makers in the market and one of the best coffee makers in the Keurig series.

Being a coffee lover and a person who expects a high return in value for any money that I spend, the Keurig K475 is a coffee maker that I would highly recommend to any person who loves a good cup of coffee and likes to not miss out on good deals which provide great value for money.

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