Keurig K250 Review – Small on Size Big on Features

Getting Started : My first thoughts

I recall working in a large firm with a troop of busy staff who seemed forever crowded around some poor old coffee maker. It must have been a true patriot because by the time I left the firm the loyal thing was still spewing cups of sour tasting black brew to the troop of merciless coffee guzzlers.

They really did push it to its maximum limits. Last I heard, the poor thing had been replaced by another model that lasted just a few weeks before it gave up with a very loud hiss of resignation. How I wish someone in the office had thought of a Keurig K250 Brewing System, and for a more coffee-machine-caring staff.

I no longer work in a large office, but from past and present experience, I know the Keurig K250 is a versatile coffee maker that will suit anyone working from home or in a large office with a large staff. It is my loyal single-serve brewer that I count on for that daily pick-me-up I need every morning to power through my busy day.


Like everything else in life, the machine has its share of shortcomings, but I find it easy to use and can make multiple cups of my favorite hot drinks too. It is the right machine for anyone who has had enough of the queues at the coffee shop while rushing to work every morning. The machine actually gives me barista quality hot drinks right from the comforts of my home.

I’m not one of those brand junkies who will follow a specific brand to hell and back, but we all know Keurig is a leading brand name in all matters coffee. It is a name that calls to mind a host of functional features and beautiful design.

Keurig K250 reviewTalking of design, the Keurig K250 has a sleek sophisticated style with seven color options ranging from glossy black to sandy pearl, a wide range of colors to fit your kitchen’s décor theme. The greatest thing about this coffee machine is not just how stylish it looks, but how it will serve you. With multiple brewing options, it is the right companion to have by your side, or rather in your kitchen, when you are entertaining a troop of thirsty guests.

However, I didn’t like the fact that the Keurig K250 does not provide you with all the cup sizes, unless it is a special K-Cup or those extra large reusable types. Another big downside for this machine is that it doesn’t come with a reusable filter, which will take you back around twenty bucks when bought separately.

There is also that sensor thing that limits you from using an even larger range of cup sizes. Anyone who buys this machine does so to enjoy a wide range of sizes so it makes little sense to have that sensor.

The water tank is a bit difficult to maneuver at first. Trust me, you’ll make a few spills before you get the hang of it, especially if you are used to models with side reservoirs. This one curves a little bit in the back before it fits into place and you may find it a bit clumsy too. Good thing that it is large enough so you don’t have to keep on refilling it after every few cups.

Keurig K250 Review : Let’s go deeper .

I have a few good things to say about this little but powerful coffee maker and a few shortcomings too. It has advanced options that give you full control over the flavor you prefer in your coffee and is quite easy to clean up after use.

What’s more, the coffeemaker is small enough to fit in your kitchen countertop without taking up too much space. However, don’t judge it by its size. This versatile machine can brew a full carafe in the shortest time possible.

One thing I can vouch for the Keurig K250 Brewing System is consistency. Keep in mind that it is made using the latest technology to ensure that you can even brew other favorite drinks, including hot cocoa and mochas. You can even make 4-cup carafe with the Keurig K250 just as easily and fast as you would brew your single-serve cup.

It only takes a single touch of a button and you’ll have 4 hot carafes in less than a minute. It also gives you a wide choice of coffee varieties to use in the machine including Starbucks, Green Mountain, Lipton, and many more. In fact, you can use close to 500 coffee varieties from 75 brands with the machine.

Talking of features

Keurig K250 review By BeveragestownIt’s not my habit to make a full Sunday sermon about a coffee machine’s features, but the Keurig K250 deserves an exemption from this rule. This brewer is made using Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology which is patented by Keurig.

The best thing about this revolutionary technology is that the machine is designed to read K-Carafe or K-Cup pods, which ensures it makes perfect beverages all the time. The brewer has a LED touch screen display that you can easily use to create a wide range of brews.

It allows you to make up to nine cup sizes such or even a full carafe. Its strength control setting feature allows you to brew stronger coffee. It even has different settings for other specialty beverages including mochas, hot cocoa, and chais.

Its removable drip tray is quite useful in catching any overflow and can even hold large cups, a carafe, and those travel mugs many folks love to take coffee from.

We all have our personal preferences when it comes to colors. The Keurig K250 comes in a range of seven colors to suit your décor. It is available in Black, Strawberry, Orange Zest, Turquoise, White, Sandy Pearl, and Violet. The machine also features a descaling solution which is important in removing calcium deposits that build up inside the unit over time.

Daily use

Talking about daily use in this Keurig K250 review, I can so far vouch for the machine’s reliability and consistency. It is a single-serve machine that you can depend on to provide you with premium coffee day in day out with consistency. It has a large water tank that can hold up to 40 ounces. The water reservoir takes just three seconds to heat up any time you feel like brewing yourself a cup. That’s quite fast compared to other coffee machines of a similar size.

I also found the Keurig K250 quite easy to use. It features a touch screen digital display that is quite easy to understand even for a first time user. The Display is over 2 inches wide and comes with LED black and white controls. One thing we loved about the Keurig K250 is the control it gives you over the strength of the coffee you want to brew.

If you love your coffee bold like I do then you’ll love the way this machine lets you choose how strong the flavor of your coffee should be. Strength control is a good thing for multiple users living in the household or working at the same place but with different coffee strength preferences. It is not a feature you find in every single-serve coffee maker model. I tried different flavors with the machine and I can say that it never disappointed.

The major problem I had with usage was in maneuvering the water tank as I’m used to models with side reservoirs. I made a few messy spills before I got the hang of it eventually.

I also found the cup size sensor quite restrictive and even wished they had omitted that part from the machine. Keurig claims to give you a wide range of cup sizes, yet goes ahead to put a sensor to limit your choice. That didn’t make a lot of sense to me.


  • Ease of use. Brew a cup of your favorite hot beverage fast with a touch of a button.
  • Ample sized detachable 40 ounce water reservoir
  • Customizable settings to make different types of brews
  • Coffee strength control settings that let you dictate how bold you want your cup of coffee to be
  • Small enough to save you lots of space on your countertop while giving the best service ever
  • Comes with a water filter and descaling


  • Limited cup sizes despite claiming to offer a wide range of sizes
  • You can only use their special K-Cup sizes and carafe
  • Difficult to maneuver the water reservoir, especially for first time users
  • Some users claim its power button fails to work sometimes. This can be remedied by pressing the power button continuously for 2 seconds when you want to switch off the entire unit.

Our Verdict

The machine has a simple but stylish design. I chose the glossy black color which goes well with our kitchen décor. Talking of size, the Keurig K250 is small enough to leave plenty of space on my counter but still quite efficient to give me endless cups of my favorite hot drinks consistently.Cleaning the Keurig K250 is a breeze, especially because its removable tray can be taken out and cleaned in the dishwasher. I find that quite convenient.

That’s it . We hope this Keurig K250 review give you some useful information helping you making a better decision.

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