Keurig K15 Review – Somebody will love it , some won’t !

Getting Started

All coffee lovers know the struggle of finding a good coffee maker and usually the good ones are really heavy, big and pricey. This is where the Keurig K15 is quite different from the other ones in the market. It is very compact and small but yet a powerful coffee maker. Here is the most expected and awaited detailed Keurig K15 review . Read on

Keurig K15 Review : First ImpressionsKeurig K15 review

1. The most unique and attractive feature about this coffee maker is its size. It is very small with a height of just 10.8″ and a width of just 6.9″. With a diameter of 10.7 it is quite the same compared to the other ones existing in the market right now. As it does not occupy a lot of space in your kitchen or in your office, it is easy to place which is a great advantage.

2. The second unique feature that it possesses is that it has a brewing time of under 2 minutes. So the next time you are late and have to leave quickly, you do not have to wait for you coffee and can get it under just 2 minutes. Not a lot of coffee makers can do their job in just a couple of minutes which makes this a standout in the market.

3. A not so unique but a useful feature that every Keurig model has is easy to use controls. With just one touch of the buttons, the device can be easily controlled which makes it a very convenient device to use as there is not a lot of complexity involved in learning to how to operate the machine. The recipe booklet included is an added advantage for the users.

4. There is a removable drip tray option that is offered. There are totally three brew sizes- the 6, 8 and 10 oz which provides enough combinations for the user to try out.

My Personal Experience With The Keurig K15!

keurig k15 coffee maker review

Personally, the first thing which caught my eye when I went on Amazon to get the Keurig K15 was 10+ colors that it was available. My favorite color being Red, I chose the Red model. After I had it delivered and opened, I was astonished to see that it looked exactly like the one in the picture.

Not a lot of products are like this, it was exactly the same size but personally I felt it was a bit heavier. So, I took the machine and set it up on my kitchen. As it was already way past evening I did not want to have a cup of coffee and stay up all night which ultimately made me decide to postpone the trial to the next day morning. So, the next day morning I wake up, plug it in and hit the switch. I put the K-cup in and fill to desired level and right after a couple of minutes, I have my coffee and the device turns itself off after sometime.

I drink it and realise that the coffee is good but not as great as the ones from the powerful coffee machines. Also quickly after the first cup, you realise how frustrating it is to add water for each and every cup. After a couple of weeks I also started experiencing technical problems, every time I made coffee I could smell something burning and my coffee started to taste like something burnt. So I quickly had to make a complaint and return the machine. I felt kindda “bad luck” as one of my friends owned Keurig K15 for a long time without such technical problem lol .

My Recommendation

What I quickly realise after my first sip is that this is a coffee maker that is for a person who cannot afford the space or money for a high end, powerful coffee maker. I would highly recommend this machine for any person who is looking to get a decent coffee maker that does not take up a lot of room and is an occasional coffee drinker. Other than that, getting a more powerful machine even though it takes up a lot of room would make more sense for a coffee lover who loves a strong and good cup of coffee.


  • 1. It does not require a lot of space, you can literally have it anywhere. It requires no room at all.
  • 2. It is one of the best low end models out there. It is the best out of all the low end models. It gives a decent performance for a machine of its price range.
  • 3. Easy to control and it also brews coffee under 2 minutes which is a great convenience for a lot of people.


  • 1. Having to fill water for each and every cup that you want to have gets really frustrating after the first couple of times. Even though the coffee takes less than 2 minutes to brew, having to fill it up for each cup you want makes you realise how much a reservoir is worth.
  • 2. A few of the people who have used it have made either one or the other complaints about some kind of technical problem in the machine. The machines were also recalled sometime after it was released as there were a lot of defects in the model.

Final Words On The Keurig K15 Review

Keurig K15 is pretty small , convenient & very easy to use . Unfortunately , for a coffee lover like myself, this is going to be a huge letdown. This is definitely not one of those powerful coffee makers out there, even though it may be big and take up some space, the powerful coffee that it provides is absolutely worth the price and the space that you pay when compared to this compact quick coffee brewing machine.

In short, if you are a coffee lover then this product is not for you. If you are looking for a budget coffee maker which is compact and you are an occasional coffee/tea drinker, then no other machine can give you your money’s worth like this one.

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