How Much Is a Shot of Espresso


Espresso represents, for millions of people worldwide, the one true reason for waking up in the morning. It is also both a coffee-based beverage and a brewing method. Luckily, you can never go wrong with the Italian espresso as it contains high amounts of caffeine and is used as the main ingredient for building other dozens of flavored and delicious beverages. The best thing is that you do not have to be a caffeine guru to make a perfect espresso, as any roasting level or types of coffee beans can be used to create the beverage.

This delicious drink gained its popularity during the 1980s in the United States, when different restaurant and coffee shops owners started mixing espresso with a variety of ingredients, from regular milk to soy milk, syrups, whipped cream, sugar, etc. This resulted in creating an entire culture and business opportunities for the future most important coffee-selling chain stores throughout the world.

Although the most known form of selling an espresso is through its milder version – the cappuccino, espresso continues to represent the key ingredient for dozens, hundreds of coffee beverage variations. However, due to continuous marketing extents and the desire to always come up with new products and improvements for the original, the meaning of drinking a coffee, especially a well-made espresso, has diminished.

Moreover, some large coffee retailers have also lowered the standards of its making, purchasing cheaper beans and reselling the finished product for a lot more than it really values. Thus, under these circumstances, exactly how much is a shot of espresso?

How much is a shot of espresso in grams?

How Much Is a Shot of Espresso

How Much Is a Shot of Espresso

Just like previously mentioned, there are numerous types of coffee beans that can be transformed into espresso shots. There is also different caffeine percentages, depending on the quality of the beans used. Obviously, different locations will use different quantities for a shot of espresso, but the standardized weight is around 7 grams.

Further, the ground coffee extracted weights around 44 milliliters (1.5 fl. oz). The resulted espresso shot is usually topped with a color that resembles the gold, although creamy, while the average amount of caffeine contained is 77 milligrams. Depending on the culture, the espresso shot is drunk as it is (in Italy ), or dubbed with milk, sour cream, liquors, etc. (the United States).

How much does a shot of espresso cost ?

When talking about the real deal for a coffee, it is all about the type of beans used. However, the prices practiced by coffee shops do not always reflect the quality of the coffee beans used. For instance, an average shot of espresso costs around 0.13 USD bought from big producers.

Obviously, if a coffee shop chain is as large as Starbucks is, it will be a lot cheaper to harvest and produce its own types of coffee beans, which will cost even less. On the other side, adding the water and the power used to create that perfect espresso shot, the average cost paid by a customer can be up to 1,5 USD per espresso shot. When it comes to better types of coffee beans, again the prices will grow even more, meaning that, depending on the location, you can pay up to a few USD for a single shot of espresso.

You can easily reduce the costs of coffee intakes if you decide to make your own espresso at home. By using the same amount of 7 grams of coffee beans, you will be able to produce the perfect shot of espresso in the comfort of your own house. And imagine exactly how many espressos you could drink by purchasing a single coffee pack.

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