review of keurig k145

Keurig K145 Review: Your Office Doesn’t Have One?

If you are looking for a coffee maker designed for the office or workplace environment, then the Keurig K145 OfficePRO ...
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review of jura ena micro 9

Jura ENA Micro 9 Review: How To Outmatch Starbucks Espresso?

If you hate heading down into peak traffic and then standing in an endless queue to get a decent shot ...
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Keurig K575 review

Keurig K575 Review: Is K575 The ‘Texas’ Of Coffee Makers?

Keurig K575 coffee maker is the latest feat by Keurig and it's insane. It literally has everything and like in ...
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Keurig K475 review

Keurig K475 Review: Why Don’t You Take A Shortcut To Great Coffee?

A good cup of coffee is basically what every person expects from a good coffee maker. The features of coffee ...
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Keurig K55 Review: What Do 5000 Reviews Say About Fabled K55?

Everybody knows that a college student can't go a day without a coffee. It was the same but for me, ...
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Keurig K15 review

Keurig K15 Review: What Does ‘BREW’ Button Do?

It's actually really hard to find a small enough coffee maker that will just snug in pretty much anywhere. Keurig ...
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DeLonghi ESAM3300 Review

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Review: Easiest Way To Barista-Style Cappuccino

A cappuccino is one of the complex coffee beverages that involves both making an espresso and frothing the milk. If ...
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How to Use An Espresso Machine

Basic Steps on How to Use An Espresso Machine

How to Use An Espresso Machine After purchasing your best brand, the next thing you will be interested in knowing ...
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Where to buy coffee machines

Where to buy coffee machines ? Trusted Stores You Should Know

History of Coffee Machines Coffee machines are household or industrial equipment that are used to process coffee. Coffee is a ...
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Jura Z9 Review

IMPRESSA Jura Z9 Review – Pricey but worth it ?

A high-end Coffee machine at new standards I was looking for a new coffee machine for several months. Due to ...
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Breville Bes900xl Review

Breville Bes900xl Review – Highlighted Features & Possible DownSides

How did I get Breville Bes900xl ? A few months ago, my old coffee machine broke down. Due to the ...
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Nespresso VertuoLine Review

Nespresso VertuoLine Review – Should You Buy It? [MUST-READ]

My relationship with different single-serve coffee machines has had it's ups and downs. It actually started way back in high school ...
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Keurig K250 Review

Keurig K250 Review: Beware To Only Use 2.0 K Pods

I recall working in a large firm with a troop of busy staff who seemed forever crowded around some poor ...
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Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Review

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Review

Get Your Cup Of Mojo With Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Are you a coffee lover whose daily routine does not ...
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Cuisinart Ss700 Review

Cuisinart Ss700 Review – Love this Cuisinart & This Is Why

Cuisinart SS-700 – Good times with Good Coffee! Coffee Lover? Well, there are very few people out there who do ...
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lattissima plus review

DeLonghi EN520BK Lattissima Plus Review – Terrific Flavor , endless possibilities

DeLonghi EN520BK Lattissima Plus If you believe it is time to say goodbye to long queues and expensive drinks at ...
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Espresso Brew Temperature

Best Espresso Brew Temperature for The Best Espresso

Daily, millions of people drink coffee and the number keeps getting higher. The question most of them have in mind ...
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gaggia classic review

Gaggia Classic Review: The ‘Big Head’ Chic Espresso Machine

When talking about different semi-automatic espresso machines the most famous ones are by Breville and DeLonghi. However, no one forgets ...
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breville bes840xl review

Breville Bes840xl Review- A Safe Bet for Your First Espresso Machine

Breville Bes840xl Review Introduction The Breville BES840XL is not your typical espresso maker; whilst most brands tend to focus on ...
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How To Use And Maintain The Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is considered to be the style icon of coffee pots. The Moka Pot has a clean classic ...
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lattissima pro review

De’Longhi Lattissima Pro Review : Life Changing Espresso Machine. Seriously!

Getting Started If you want to feel like you own a bistro right inside your home, then the De’Longhi Nespresso ...
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how to make stovetop coffee

How To Make Coffee On The Stove

Getting Started Coffee is that magic liquor that helps you through the morning and through a terrible day at work ...
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mr. coffee ecmp50 review

Mr. Coffee Ecmp50 Review : Better than Starbucks on Day One

A Perfect Coffee !! A Perfect Day !! Are you a busy bee with no time to make yourself a ...
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nespresso pixie review

Nespresso Pixie Review – Great Machine with a Small Footprint

Getting Started Love your cuppa coffee? Are you one of those people whose day doesn’t start until you get your ...
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nespresso inissia review

Nespresso Inissia Review – Don’t Put It In Your Pocket!

As far as espresso makers go, they can be pretty big. If you have a small kitchen, of course you ...
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How To Make Espresso

How To Make Espresso

Getting Started The art of drinking coffee is well known around the world. Caffeine is the most used “drug” by ...
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how much is a shot of espresso

How Much Is A Shot Of Espresso: 1 Ounce Or $3.00? [Infographic]

There are two ways how to answer how much is a shot of espresso. About half the people want to ...
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Does Coffee Have Antioxidants

Does Coffee Have Antioxidants ?

Coffee and Antioxidants Do you start your day with a cup of coffee?  If you are in the United States ...
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dry cappuccino

Dry Cappuccino: Is It Really Dry (Or Bone Dry)?

There really is no such thing as disliking coffee. It doesn't matter if it's regular black or a dry cappuccino, ...
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when to drink coffee

When To Drink Coffee ?

Let's Find Out Best Time To Enjoy A Relaxing Cup Of Coffee We all love a good cup of coffee ...
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